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I am currently on my second round of  Project 333, and I have realized how much doing this for only a few months has already changed my perspective on so many things. Here are 33 lessons I’ve learned from wearing less:

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  1.  No one notices when you wear the same dress twice in a week.
  2. If they do notice, they definitely do not cares when you wear the same dress twice in a week.
  3. Even when you pick 33 items to creatively mix and match, you will still end up wearing the same outfits on repeat.
  4. You do not have to find creative ways to wear your 33 clothes to successfully participate.
  5. People will think its crazy you only get 33 things.
  6. You wonder how you ever lived with more.
  7. You will go a month without wearing all 33 items.
  8. Then you will realize you were crazy to not do this challenge sooner.
  9. All it takes is one round of Project 333 to be hooked.
  10. All it takes is one round to realize you don’t even like half of your wardrobe.
  11. Or at least half of your wardrobe is not flattering.
  12. By round 2, you’ll realize you only have about 66 items of clothing left in your whole closet.
  13. And that’s ok.
  14. By round 2, you realize you have more running clothes than real clothes.
  15. And that’s ok.
  16. I actually do wear all my running clothes in a given month.
  17. Thank goodness running clothes do not count.
  18. You can still like shopping.
  19. When you go shopping, your brain now thinks about purchases differently.
  20. You actually leave a store without that cute dress you liked.
  21. Packing a suitcase is super easy. Even with various climates.
  22. Multi-functional pieces are a minimalist’s dream come true.
  23. Laundry is way easier.
  24. The clothes I do have reflect me.
  25. The clothes I do have make me more comfortable with my body.
  26. Having empty space in the closet makes me way too happy.
  27. I found ways to create more space in the rest of my house.
  28. Having space leaves room for creativity.
  29. Having space leaves room for more of life.
  30. Simplicity is contagious.
  31. Simplicity causes joy.
  32. Less is freeing.
  33. Less really can be more.

For more Project 333 stories, check out #project333 on Twitter and theproject333.com.

5 responses

  • I just started Project 333 and am super excited about it. My closet is SO empty right now after I gutted everything that I didn’t want anymore. After two pregnancies and leaving my professional job, my wardrobe needed an overhaul. I only purchased four new items (two pairs of shorts and two shirts) to mix and match with the items I have left over. I LOVE it.

    I disagree with #1 & 2 though… if you are a teacher. KIDS notice EVERYTHING…. and they do care. For some reason, it bugs them that I wore “that red dress” on Monday and then again on Thursday.

  • i love this! especially true and surprising even now to me- #19. i actually want less!

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