A Few of My Favorite Things

standard August 21, 2014 2 responses

To continue the travel theme this week, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things I’ve discovered as I started my minimalism journey, from a few of my favorite businesses. All of these are beautifully created, multi-functional products, perfect for both travel and everyday.


1. Sseko t-strap sandals. These were a little weird for me to get used to wearing at first. Something felt a little off about them. Then I realized – they had a real sole! All my other sandals had a very small, flimsy piece of material as their base. These extremely well-made shoes have a solid, stable, comfortable base that creates a perfect shoe. Especially for walking all over the place when traveling. And their interchangeable designs are a minimalist’s best friend. Pack one pair of shoes and have something that matches every outfit.

2. Taylor Custer pearl necklace. My go-to jewelry, along with a pair of pearl studs my parents gave me when I graduated from high school. 95% of my jewelry box are Taylor’s creations. Beautiful, simple, classic, and elegant. And pearls go with anything.

3. Emily Ley Home Base Binder. Along with my Simplified Planner, this binder is my go-to for everything. I’ve pretty much re-organized my whole life by this, and after getting rid of all my apps and digital calendars, having a place to organize all my goals, meal plans, projects, blog posts, schedules is amazing. Plus its pretty and fun to display on the bookshelf.

4. Sseko crossbody bag.  Three bags in one. What could be better? This bag is the perfect wallet in my carry-on. Then pop on the strap, and you’ve got a purse for the trip. Only need a phone and credit card? Fold it over. Need to stash a sweater, a snack, a camera? Open it up and wear it as a full bag. The tote is also awesome for a larger everyday bag. Even my larger laptop fits inside easily, and there’s plenty of space for binders, books, groceries, travel items, etc.

5. Lululemon wrap. Probably the best thing I ever bought from Lulu. This is a travel girl’s best friend. It’s a sweater, a blanket, a scarf, a hoodie. Lightweight as an extra layer, it’s necessary for cold planes and stale hotel rooms. It’s cozy for a Saturday afternoon on the couch. Or acceptable with jeans for a casual night out. And it’s perfect for the post-yoga walk home on a chilly city evening. Love love love this.

What are some of your favorite minimalist-friendly things?


2 responses