A Record Breaking Year

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Last year at this time I had my whole race calendar lined out, training organized, ready to go. I was determined to run all the fun races in Chicago that I could in the short time I was there.


Being back in Texas, temperature dictates most of our racing schedule. I pretty much avoid any of the crazy races that happen between May and September. No thank you. That leaves right now and fall for any race plans. I already feel rushed with a half marathon this month after finishing a marathon in October. It’s time for a break, a little change of pace.

This year is about getting stronger. Building muscle, maintaining endurance. And adding speed. How fast can I really get if I work at it? My racing history has been focused on just finishing. Can I finish that first half, that first scary marathon? After I conquered all that, it was about doing them even better. I had to do them as well as I thought I could from the beginning. And I did that and then some. This year is the year of personal bests, beating myself, setting new records, aiming high, and working hard. It’s time to see how fast I can go.

2014-04-19 09.36.58-3

So while I don’t have a race calendar set out yet, I do have a rough plan for the year, and it looks a little like this:

  • January 25 – 3M Half Marathon // GOAL – 1:59:59 (current 2:05:58)
  • April 12 – Statesman Capitol 10,000 // GOAL – 55:00 (current 1:00:10)
  • March or April – Another 10K, for fun. Maybe a trail race?
  • September – A 5K depending on weather. This one looks fun.
  • October 11 – Give a shot at the Chicago Marathon lottery. Just in case.
  • October – 5K or 10K for fun and to keep up speed // GOAL – beat April PR
  • November 1 – Run for the Water 10 miler // GOAL – 1:30:00 (current 1:35:29)
  • November 26 – Race a family member at a Turkey Trot.
  • December – Thinking a holiday 5K, definitely with a crazy outfit. Because Christmas.


The biggest goal? To HAVE FUN! I really want to branch out and do fun races. Different scenery, different terrain, maybe a relay, run with friends. No more running and training alone. Not this year. This year is the year to be intentional with running and build it into my community.

Who’s up for a race?

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  • So fun to find your blog, and do an Influence group together…I’m excited about keeping up with your running stuff – I love to run too!

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