A Year of Cultivating Authenticity: 2018 Goals

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Happy 2018! Yes, we are already a week into this bright, shiny, new year, and I am just getting goals down on paper. Something about the New Year arriving on a Monday made the whole of last week into an extended break that was much-needed. My brain was not ready to jump right in to all the projects and tasks and appointments of normal, routine life just yet. So I gave myself the pass to ease into this year at my own pace. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work for myself, doing work I love, and being able to make my own schedule, fitting this time in.

As I was working through my Power Sheets over the past month, I struggled to figure out what my overarching word or theme for the year would be. I like having a word to give meaning to the year as whole, and usually one just comes to me, based on the season I am in, that aligns well with my goals for the year. Last year, I wanted to Be Present in my life, for my new baby, for my family. The year before I was Celebrating each small thing, starting a business, and traveling.

This year I felt at a loss. A lot of change is happening this year, and I’m already getting lost in the overwhelm of all that is currently going on and what is yet to come. I tried to remove some of that from the equation, to see what I wanted to focus on regardless of the changes. And I also looked through the lens of the unknown, recognizing that whatever I plan now will most likely change as life happens this year.

And that brought me back to just being real. Authentic. Genuine. The definition of genuine is “Truly what something is said to be. Possessing the claimed or attributed character. Authentic. Sincere.” No matter where life takes me this year, no matter how my business grows, no matter what goals I complete or cross off, doing everything to the best that I can, with sincerity, will make this year a success.

2018 is the Year of Being Genuine.

As I started brainstorming goals, I discovered the categories I usually focus on (personal, family, work, faith, fitness) fit in well with the framework of the Power Sheets prep this year. While my biggest areas of focus are on relationships and spiritual and personal growth, I set goals in each of 8 categories. To cultivate authenticity related to health, friends, my marriage, family, finances, work, spiritual and personal growth, and recreation. As usual, not all goals every month will target each category. And some are more small step, every day changes that will be ongoing. Similar to last year, I will highlight the top 5 or so each month, to direct my energy, keep me accountable, and see progress in different areas throughout the  year.

My intention in sharing my goals each month and each year are not just to keep me accountable or show off or be silly. I work with my nutrition clients to set small goals that will add up to big changes in the long run, and I share my own goals and struggles and progress as a way to model goal setting. To practice what I preach. I’ve been even more aware of that the past few months as I’ve made some bigger nutrition changes of my own (which I will be sharing more about later this month). I’d love for you to chime in with your goals each month, your struggles, your wins. Let’s do this together, this year. Here’s to being Genuine.

2018 Goals:

  1. Cultivate a healthy, real, GENUINE body. (health)
  2. Cultivate GENUINE, purposeful friendships.
  3. Cultivate a GENUINE marriage.
  4. Cultivate a GENUINE, life-giving home. (family)
  5. Cultivate GENUINE stewardship of finances.
  6. Cultivate GENUINE intention in spiritual and personal growth.
  7. Cultivate efficient and effective, GENUINE work.
  8. Cultivate time for GENUINE rest and recreation.

January Goals:

  • Clear out clutter in one room each week.
  • Set income goals for the year.
  • Set up weekly date nights.
  • Take a walk to the park/swings each week.
  • Go to bed by 10:00 pm each night.

What is your word for the year? Any big goals you’re ready to tackle?

Setting a new morning and evening routine is top of mind for me this month. Starting with simply getting to bed on time!


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