ADC 2015-16: Finished!

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This racing season wiped me out. I knew attempting another round of the Distance Challenge on top of an internship and school and a new house would be an interesting challenge. But I also knew it would keep me going through the rough days and the hard cases and the long commutes.


What I didn’t expect was the community. After years of running alone, I fell in love with running with friends. With allowing running to build friendships. With using running to help each other get through hard things. Real life is rough. It is joyful. We do it together and we come out of it stronger.

This season, 3 years later, I managed to finish the same number of miles a whole 2 hours faster. 6 races, 87 miles, and 14 hours landed me in 2nd place in my age group. Never ever in my life did I think I would run anything fast enough to get an award for it. Grateful for the women who pushed me. For the miles that changed me. And for the strength and ability to do it at all.


ADC 2015-16:

  1. Run Free Texas 80s 8k
  2. Run for the Water 10 mi
  3. Decker Challenge 13.1
  4. Rogue Distance Festival 30k
  5. 3M Half Marathon
  6.  Austin Marathon

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