ADC 2015: Decker Challenge

standard December 7, 2015 2 responses

The Decker Challenge half marathon is a horrible race. Known for crazy, extreme weather and miles and miles of hills, it is definitely a challenge for 13.1 miles. The weather was on our side this year, but that did not make the hills any better. I went into this race just for fun, cross it off the Distance Challenge list and move on. Hopefully improve on my course record from three years ago. Then a friend showed up and we ended up doing a super speedy sub-9 minute miles for the first five miles. By mile 7 I was well on target for a sub-2 hour half. At Decker. I was a little shocked at myself. But the hills kept getting worse, and I had to keep all my energy just to get up and over each one, slowing my pace down to my usual 9:30 race pace. Giving it everything I had was good enough for me at that point, knowing I would probably at least PR. And I did managed to squeak out a one second record, finishing in 2:03:59 vs. 2:04:01 at 3M back in January. One second on a flat, fast course vs. a hilly, horrible course is definitely a win in my book. Only means 3M next month is going to be a speedy one! Time to actually stick to my speed workouts over the holidays!


ADC 2015:

  1. Run Free Texas 80’s 8k
  2. Run for the Water 10 mile


2 responses

  • Stevan Pierce

    That was a 2 second PR….don’t cut yourself short of that 1 second. A lot can happen in that short of a time. 😉 That’s a good time given that it is a hilly course and certainly harder than most courses I’ve seen around here.

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