ADC 2015: Run Free Texas 80’s 8k

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Another year of the Austin Distance Challenge kicked off this past weekend with the Run Free Texas 80’s 8k. This was the first year I’ve run this race, and I very not-smartly never looked at the elevation map beforehand. And apparently Cedar Park is HILLY. I still somehow managed to squeak out an almost 5 minute PR with a 44:29 finish.

Looking back on year 1 of the ADC, I was still so new to running. I have come so far since that first race. I am really excited to see the continued growth from race to race as this season’s challenge progresses.


Lessons learned so far:

  1. Running with friends is always better. They push you past everything you thought you could do.
  2. Even after hardly running the week of the race, I have so much more endurance and strength than I thought I did. Years of continual running really does reap benefits.
  3. I don’t always need music. This has been huge for me, since I used to rely on it so much.
  4. Hills really do make you stronger.
  5. Neon really does make you faster.

2015-09-29 17.54.24

Race #2 coming up in a month!

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