All Hail PDX

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Portland is everything I expected it to be. Rainy and overcast. A mix of green forests and steel bridges. And vegan eats everywhere. The one thing I did not expect was how delicious and exactly how prevalent the choices were! Vegan dining in Portland far and away exceeds Austin. And LA. And Philly.


I am pretty sure I ate kale three times a day. And overdosed on sugar. If a restaurant has a vegan dessert menu, I just can’t turn it down. I also cannot turn down vegan mac and cheese. Or donuts. It was all so, so good. Even the airport had a handful of vegan options to choose from. When you are used to one, maybe two options on a menu or in a city, having multitudes of choices is a little daunting. I just wanted to eat ALL THE FOOD. I flew home very full and happy. Hey, if you’ve got a race the next morning, it’s all carb-loading, right?


My favorite recommendations, if you ever (please do!) venture to PDX:

  1. Kure Juice Bar – lemon cayenne apple shots and Vega protein. Felt like home.
  2. Veggie Grill – perfect if you want to overdose on kale and quinoa.
  3. Departure Restaurant and Lounge – one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Order the Brussels sprouts. And the curry.
  4. Andina – the atmosphere plus the food make this a hidden gem in the Pearl District.
  5. VooDoo Doughnuts – famously delicious. And by far the best vegan doughnuts I have found.


I will always and forever love Chicago, but Portland, you have my heart when it comes to food!



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