All the Food: Texas VegFest 2015

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One of my all time favorite Austin events is Texas VegFest. One day of all the vegan things. All the food, all the swag, all the people. I volunteered at the event two years ago and again this year (I missed last year when we were in Chicago).  I love volunteering because I get in early, can help get the event set up, meet a ton of fun new people, and get in the food lines before it’s all gone!


This year I noticed how unhealthy a lot of the food is. Don’t get me wrong – I will take a vegan doughnut any day! But it seems to me like the majority of vendors there had vegan versions of standard food favorites that are unhealthy to begin with. I feel it’s absolutely necessary and awesome to have these foods, for those who are new to a plant-based diet and not wanting to give up old favorites. And for the plant-eating veterans who just want some good ol’ comfort food. But it would be awesome to have more of a balance. I was thankful for a few healthy options this year. There’s always juice vendors, and I made sure to start my eating adventures with a quinoa spring roll from Unity Vegan Kitchen, which was delicious.


My eating adventures then took me to Capital City Bakery where I had to get a vegan strawberry pop tart. The flaky pastry dough was ten times better than any butter version I’ve ever had. So so worth every bite.


Mad props have to go to Reverie Bakeshop who had the most melt-in-your-mouth vegan macarons ever. The pistachio chocolate one was perfection.


And of course, my meal had to include a vegan bacon cheeseburger from Arlo’s, hailed the best vegan burger in Austin. And it was alright. Definitely not my favorite, but a pretty good contender.

After a full day running around in the cold and then eating all my favorite junk foods in one sitting, it was definitely time for a big kale salad for dinner. All things in moderation!

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