And There’s Nothing Left of You

standard January 13, 2013 Leave a response

2013 is off to a good start.

After last month’s racing struggles, I was excited about today’s “fastest half marathon.” And it was indeed fast. It was also freezing, windy, and crowded. But good things come in 3’s – in this case my 3rd 13.1 race happened to be the 3M half on 1.13.13. So as luck would have it my time was just under 2:13. I beat my Decker time by almost 6 minutes and my elusive 2:15 goal by almost 3. Needless to say I was mentally jumping up and down at the finish as my legs were giving out. Throughout the whole race I didn’t really look at my watch except to see how long I’d been running for fueling purposes. I didn’t really watch my pace, I just went with the crowd and hoped my legs didn’t give out. Thankfully the cold numbed the speeding pain. I gave this race everything I had, and it was so worth it. One more race to go before 26.2!


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