Genuine 2018: February

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I’ve struggled this past month with wanting to jump right in yet also slowly ease into things. While I’m ready to get right to my tasks and get things done, I also am craving a slower pace. My goals for February filled up fast, and I’m finding myself finding ways to let some go, knowing that if I get too overwhelmed, I’m more likely to not do anything vs. making small progress on a few things.

My biggest challenge right now is working on new routines, cultivating new habits. Getting up at the same time, going to bed at the same time, having set tasks in the morning and the evening, working on training my brain and my body to get into a new rhythm that is both slow and calming yet driven towards accomplishing something productive.

The focus for this month is ACTION. Going forth and DOING, but not too much at once. Focusing on doing ONE thing a day, each day, for the month. I have a few big work projects that I’m hoping to slowly make progress on, as well as spending more time on creative pursuits.

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January in Review:

1. Clear out clutter in one room each week.

This did not happen as intentionally or methodically as I had anticipated, but things are slowly getting cleaned out. More decluttering happening this month as well!

2. Set income goals for the year.

Last year I was mostly going with the flow when it came to working with new clients and new projects. This year, I have a more specific time frame for when I want projects to happen, how many people I have bandwidth to work with each month, and how much income I need to generate. I’m hoping having a financial focus will allow me to work smarter this year and take the time off when I need to without worrying about finances.

3. Set up weekly date nights.

Friends, this is important. If you’re not doing this, make it happen. We only get out of the house about once a month for a date, but Friday nights are date night in every single other week. No tv, no phones, no tablets. Just good food, conversation, silliness, and intentionality.

4. Take a walk to the park/swings each week.

My sweet girl LOVES the swings, and I love our time together slowing down, getting outside, and having fun. It’s easy to go, go, go each day, but setting aside time to get out and have a break has been good for all three of us.

5. Go to bed by 10:00 pm each night.

This one I am GREAT with on days the husband is home. But I just cannot get myself to go to bed when I’m home alone. I stay up too late reading or watching Netflix, and then regret it the next morning when my sweet child decides to start her day before 6:00 am. This is something I am continuing to work on, in an effort to get more rest, be able to wake up fully ready for the day at 6:00 am, and set a habit in the evening of winding down from the day.

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Genuine Focus

I’ve been working on being more intentional with the fringe time that I have. In using the little 15-20 minute gaps to do something that helps me to make progress on my goals instead of wasting the time feeling like I don’t have enough space to make progress right then. And especially with an almost one year old toddling around getting into everything, the spaces of time I have in my day to be productive have to happen in small bursts or they won’t happen at all. I’ve been in a routine of only working on days I have childcare to keep things simpler, but I know I won’t always have full days to get things done later on this year. So taking something that seems big, like creating new content, and working on creatively using my brain AND producing good work each and every day is a challenge I already am realizing I can tackle.

February Goals:

  • Create something (content) every day.
  • Connect and network online every day.
  • Create 2 new client resources.
  • Update Caroline’s baby book.
  • Practice Pilates every weekday.


Weekly Menu: Ditch the Diet for Good

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New year, new weekly menus!

I’ve switched up how I’ve done these over the years. From sharing breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas, to eating out while traveling to cooking through my CSA boxes. We no longer get a CSA box (which I dearly miss but also gives me the chance to cook less without worrying about things going to waste, which works for my current stage of life), and since I quit tracking all my meals for the week, meal planning hasn’t really been planning. It’s mostly me looking at my week and writing down dinners in my planner. Breakfast and lunch are made up of a staple weekly rotation. It’s pretty boring. But I’m also in a stage where I’m ready to get more creative again. So this space is going to keep me accountable, give you guys some meal planning inspiration, and keep things easy and simple!

This month’s focus has been all about giving up the diet mentality. Not just in terms of restricting calories or cutting out food groups. But also changing our mindset about food. Yes, we should be getting a variety of fruits and vegetables, moderate amounts of healthy fats, and adequate complex carbs and lean proteins. But by listening to our body’s signals, we will naturally begin to fuel it with what it needs, leading to a balance of these food groups without having to track each serving.

Let’s say we really like bagels for breakfast (and I’m all about the bagels these days!). Once lunch rolls around, we’re not in the mood for another starchy, carb-rich meal. So we go for a salad, with a sprinkling of fats, carbs, and protein to keep us full. And then when dinnertime arrives, we opt for a quick stir fry or bowl of chili. By letting our body’s signals guide us, we naturally revert into a balanced way of eating. No calorie counting. No macro tracking. Just real, good, nutritious food we actually WANT to eat.

Instead of writing out breakfast, lunches, and dinners, I’m sharing a list of recipes that I’m shopping for, meal prepping, and making this week. Use it as inspiration, copy a few recipes, or feel free to use the entire plan for yourself each week. My goal is to have a list of meals that involves minimal groceries, 30 minutes or less from prep to table, and that I can do a little weekend prep in advance to save time.

Weekly Menu 1/29/18

  • Veggie fajitas with black beans and guacamole
  • Avocado pasta with roasted tomatoes
  • Peanut butter stir fry with quinoa and tofu
  • Veggie burritos with leftover fajitas, beans, and rice
  • Blueberry pancakes with strawberry chia jam and tofu scramble

*Note: Some of these recipes are from the brand new cookbook, The Veginner’s Cookbook: The Ultimate Starter Guide for New Vegans and the Veg-Curious by Bianca Haun and Sascha Naderer (the couple behind Elephantastic Vegan). I was gifted a copy to review, so expect a recap, a recipe, and maybe even a giveaway, coming soon!

Weekly Menu

Ditch the Diet and Find More JOY

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Find the JOY in Food

Our society has placed such an emphasis on diet culture, being thin, looking just right. Even without realizing it, we have grown up thinking if we just lost 10 pounds, if we just gave up sugar, if we just worked out harder, we would feel better about ourselves.

But what if we said NO THANKS to always trying to make ourselves better, believing that we aren’t awesome the way we are? What if we said YES to the cookie, YES to clothes that fit our body, YES to loving ourselves at whatever size and shape that might be and enjoying our food each and every day?

It is possible to love our relationship with food and with ourselves without counting calories, dieting, restricting, binging, or comparing. It does take time, attention, and focus. Which is why we do this TOGETHER. I’ve worked with many clients one on one to make peace with food, but being able to share our struggles, progress, and success as we go with others who are on the same journey is even more powerful. Together we can hold each other accountable, cheer each other on, and succeed as a team.

So now, you’re thinking, “Yeah, this all sounds great. But HOW?”

1. Start listening inward instead of outward. 

Instead of focusing on what our society has been telling us for years is how we should look or act or eat or feel, let’s turn our attention inward and focus on what our own body is telling us it needs. This means we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to meet ourselves where we are at today. Recognize what is and is not working. It may be scary. It may not feel good. But we cannot move forward and make progress without evaluating our starting point. The world tells us we need to look a certain way. And we’ve been told these lies for years. Let’s remove all that baggage and start fresh.

2. Make peace with food. 

Food is not the enemy. Food is not good or bad. It’s just food. It is meant to nourish us. Fuel us. Give yourself permission to eat.

3. Learn to enjoy and savor meals.

In this fast food world, let’s stop and slow down. Let’s choose food that tastes good, is made well, and is good for our bodies. Let’s sit down at a table, see the food in front of us, take the time to savor each bite and find satisfaction in our food.

4. Respect and honor your emotions.

We love using food to make us feel better. We all do it. But that is doing a disservice to both our mental and physical health. Let’s find ways to resolve our emotional issues without food, and let food be a positive, savored, and enjoyed part of how we fuel our physical bodies.

5. Respect and honor your body.

Once we figure out how to properly take care of our mental health, we also need to spend some time on our physical well-being. Let’s treat our bodies with dignity and respect. They’re the only ones we have! This means getting comfortable with our own skin, using movement and exercise to feel good, and taking care of what we’ve been given.

6. Make a commitment to yourself.

None of us are perfect. We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with how to feel, how to look, how to act. But in order to continue to respect and love ourselves, we need to honor our health as a whole. Recognize that we will not always eat a “perfect” diet (and here’s a secret: there is no perfect diet!), we will have ups and downs, we will make choices we are not proud of. But that is not what matters. What matters is what we are going to do after we make that choice. Instead of giving up, spiraling down into old habits, let’s make a commitment to ourselves to press forward, keep going. Progress, not perfection is what counts.

Are you ready to get started?

I am starting a brand new group coaching program designed to help you ditch the dieting mentality for good and find the JOY in food and life lived to the fullest. This program is completed all online, at your own pace. There will be live office hours each week, where you can hop on, and we can chat about your progress, but if you miss those, you can always shoot me an email and we can continue the conversation. We will walk through each of these steps one week at a time, with action items and assignments along the way, designed to guide you forward on your journey to freedom from dieting. There is also built-in accountability and support, as we focus on progress, not perfection, together.

We are only taking 10 participants for our first round of this program, and they will fill fast, so join now to save your spot!