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After two months of moving, traveling, working, relaxing and vacationing, it is time to get back into a normal routine. A new routine, as our lives have changed so much in the past few months, but a routine nonetheless. I am so looking forward to that. We still need some furniture so our place can get back in order. But in the meantime, the clutter everywhere is helping me minimize our stuff even more. I seriously do not understand why two people have so many things. It (should) all fit in our current space.


As soon as we got home last week, I jumped right back into running, since I have an upcoming race I am completely unprepared for. And this coming week, I am supplementing my training with a new diet. More of a fixed meal plan, since it’s based all the foods in my normal diet. I’ve owned and read Thrive for a while, and have always wanted to try it out. Since official training for my third marathon is coming up soon, I thought it would be a good time to start.

(Yep, my swearing off of marathons lasted a whole month before a friend of mine convinced me to run another one with her. It’s not until January, so I have some time. And two more half marathons beforehand, which should help.)

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The Thrive plan, in addition to being vegan, also happens to be free of common allergens including wheat, soy, corn, and peanuts. It also is free of added sugars, caffeine, and alcohol. All good things to avoid when training and racing. And all things I have slowly started to avoid this past year, so again, no major changes to my diet. However, the meal plan combinations should help me balance my protein and carb intake as well as give me the right balance of vitamins and minerals I need to succeed on the road.

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I am going to chronicle how I am eating and feeling along the way and adding in a little training details so I can see the progress. Looking forward to a successful fall racing season!


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