Banana Blizzards

standard April 3, 2011 Leave a response

A long time ago I read about making soft serve ice cream from frozen bananas, yet I have never tried to actually make it! Now that I have a food processor, it was super easy.

The husband and I used to go on random dates to DQ whenever we would get buy one-get one blizzard coupons. Now those coupons just sit unused in my email, as I wistfully hope that a non-dairy version could be made. Then I saw someone actually create such a treat!

Tonight, after a LONG week traveling and conferencing and studying, I decided to try it out. After creaming the bananas, in went some  frozen vegan cookie dough balls for some more blending. A splash of almond milk and a sprinkling of cookie dough on top, and we had a healthy chocolate chip cookie dough frozen treat!  Fast and easy and delicious!

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