Be Present: 2017 Goals

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Happy 2017! This post is coming a week later than usual because, to be honest, I didn’t have goals set by January 1st. And that is OKAY. It took me a solid few weeks to really dig in and articulate what I wanted to focus on this year. As a planner, it is so hard to have most of this year be completely unknown due to Baby Darby’s arrival in March. I don’t know when I’ll get back to running. Or when I’ll be able to figure out a work schedule. I don’t even expect myself to keep up with my goals for most of this Spring and into Summer. And that is hard for me. In order to let myself sit in today, enjoy every moment, and not worry about the schedule or the next step or the to-do list, my word for this year is PRESENT. And each of my goals for the year is also loosely based on this mentality of giving each day what it deserves. These will most likely change as I get to my mid-year check in over the Summer, but I love the freedom in knowing that and it being okay, despite publicly stating these intentions. I love, love, LOVE PowerSheets for helping me to set these goals and to give the space and flexibility for a year of unknowns.

2017 Goals:

  1. Increase self-awareness and knowledge in order to be a strong woman in today’s world. // There is so much I want to learn and do this year, and knowing I also need to give myself rest and a balance of self-care alongside motherhood, this is here to remind me to not neglect myself.
  2. Look UP every day to remember what matters most. // “It has been said that to know the mystery of life we must turn our face toward the sun, for only when we look upward can we begin to understand.”
  3. Give myself grace as I learn to be a mother. // The to-do list can wait.
  4. Cultivate relationships well. // Continue to grow and give to the husband, friends, family, neighbors. We spent the last two years building a community, so that we could have people to surround us as we start this next adventure as parents, and all relationships need to be tended regularly.
  5. Build back up to marathon-ready fitness level. // Ambitious, I know. I am longing for my usual training routine and am excited to get back to feeling myself and teaching my child to be strong and confident.
  6. Build consistency and growth in my business. // The flexibility of working for myself is an incredible privilege right now, and I have a lot of items in the works to grow Celebration Nutrition to be able to continue this career well and allow me to spend time with my family.

January Goals:

  1. Read one book.
  2. Finish baby’s room.
  3. Update Celebration Nutrition website.
  4. Have a date night out.
  5. Make 3 freezer meals each week.
  6. Take 1 day completely off each week.

Who else set goals for 2017? Did you set a word or intention for the year? 


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