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Happy December!! This month always has me a bit conflicted. I’m usually all ready to just jump into 2018 planning and goal setting and tend to forget or pass over the fact that December is a whole month of possibility if I stop and plan for it first. Yet at the same time I want to give myself a break and just let the month be a break and recharge before the upcoming year. I have a few big projects that are still in the works right now, so as a balance, I’m working towards finishing those and then doing a lot of resting and personal development-related goals.

November in Review:

1. Pick and sign up for Marathon #6.

Technically this is still up in the air. I signed up for a race as a charity runner and am waiting to hear if I got accepted. Once I know more, I’ll share the details!

2. Set up a new meal prep routine that works.

New meal prep routine is to do less. Yup, less. Less planning, less thinking, less work. And the work I do spend on it all happens on the weekend.

3. Network weekly to build brand awareness.

This has been so much fun! There are so many fun people on the internet, if you find the right space and invest a little bit of time.

4. Donate milk to Mother’s Milk Bank.

Done! So grateful to have the milk to share and to finally get it out of my freezer! 100+ ounces off to some sweet precious preemies.

5. Outsource and time manage better to maximize work days.

This is still a work in progress, but I am getting much better at it!

December Goals:

  1. Read 2 books.
  2. Start marathon training!!
  3. Launch Healthy Habits Action Plan
  4. Cross something off every day.
  5. Gear up for a great 2018 with Powersheets and business planning.

Let’s finish this year out strong, friends! Happy Holidays!


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