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A lot of health foods and “super”foods are over-hyped these days.  I try not to buy into them, unless they have sound nutritional science behind them and I’m intrigued enough to spend the money.

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Goji berries are one of the things I finally caved in and tried. This recipe is what got me. I’ve been drinking lemon green tea most mornings (on days when I do not go running first), so this seemed like a nice change to my normal routine, with some added health benefits. I almost skipped the cayenne. Every time I try cayenne in a recipe, its way too much for me, and I end up tossing perfectly good food because it’s too spicy. DO NOT SKIP the cayenne. Just a pinch works perfectly and is the best way to wake the body up, especially on a cool day.

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After analyzing the bag the goji berries came in, I was shocked to find out they are packed with protein! 4g in an ounce. For a berry, that’s pretty sweet. They are also loaded with antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. Unlike other dried fruits, goji berries are pretty hard and chewy. A few minutes soaked in warm water and they plump back up into a soft tart berry. Perfect for baking, smoothies, or topping salads.

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Give this antioxidant powerhouse a try in one of these yummy recipes!

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