Let’s Do This! Year In Review

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Looking back on a year and seeing how far you’ve gone is always so cool to me. At the beginning of this year, I was working in Grand Cayman. Today, I am halfway through my dietetic internship. In between, I quit my job, was accepted into the internship program, bought a house, entered a new decade, and started school again. A year ago, I was terrified of being stuck, of not getting into an internship, of another year in the waiting period I’d been trying to be content in. Time can do so much good. I now get to immerse myself in the world of nutrition, sharing my passion for food and how food can heal. And 2016 is only going to bring more food-related fun and new beginnings. I cannot wait.


2015 was about Intentionality. Focusing on getting into an internship, cultivating good habits with my time, being mindful of others and myself. The schedule and stress of school wrecked a little havoc with my plans and goals, but Intentionality is also about knowing when to let go, to say no to busy, make time for rest. And now a new year brings a new start and new focus.


2015 Goals in Review:

Blog Goals:

  • Refresh. Complete a site redesign. // This was done pretty early in the year and has been such a refreshing change.
  • Create. This is the year to focus intentional content and fresh recipes. // Having clearly defined Neat and Nutritious content has helped me tailor my goals and ideas, and this is only continuing to evolve in 2016.
  • Learn. This is also the year I am determined to work on my photography skills. // This got put on hold this year but is still on the agenda!


Running Goals:

  • Run. Every. Day. Yes, every day. // Made it to July 1. Still debating if I am going to attempt this in 2016 or not.
  • Speed. Get faster and stronger. // Strong, yes. Faster, just barely. Instead of focusing on shorter races, I cut out races all together until the fall, when I signed up for the Austin Distance Challenge again.
  • Discipline. Cut out the junk. // This also went very well. Until house/moving/school started. I pretty much lived on caffeine and sugar this summer and am just now getting it back out of my system.


Personal Goals:

  • Slow down. Build a community, set down roots, and be intentional with people. // Yes and Yes! This has been my favorite part of this year.
  • Be present. Remove distractions and see each day for what it is. // No Media Sundays are HARD! But so, so good. Especially on weekends when the homework overflowed.
  • Network.  // I spent the latter part of this year being more focused and intentional on the organizations I give my time and energy to and cultivating relationships within those groups. As hard as networking always is for me, developing the connections that fuel my goals and passions is worth more than a resume builder.

On to a new year, fresh start, and more big changes and challenges!

Let’s Do This! November

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October disappeared into a black hole of clinical rotations, house projects, and many, many miles. Clinicals are finally over (!!), we now have furniture, and the miles continue to be my daily therapy. November doesn’t slow down at all, and I won’t even be home most of the month to enjoy the fact that our house is now in order. Cooking is limited to my hotel microwave, and meals are the same thing day after day. Miles are monotonously tracked on a treadmill in a tiny sauna of a gym. So glamorous.

Despite these limitations, I am determined to make the most of this month. I am working with an incredible RDN, whom I am so grateful to learn from. I have an entire week break for Thanksgiving. And the end of the month brings the end of my semester grad course (hallelujah!) This year has flown by, school and clinicals and traffic consuming the hours without hardly any attention. These final months need to be savored, holidays enjoyed, relationships cultivated. Rest, reflection, and rejuvenation before it starts all over again in January.


September in Review:

  • Get back in the kitchen! (Create) // Made a grand total of 1 recipe. Not putting any pressure on when I’ll get back to this. Most likely not until traveling for rotations is over. I sure miss it!
  • Kick up fall race training (Speed) // Two races down (Race #1, Race #2), and 8 more on the calendar before February. I love seeing the progression this year over past years.
  • Run once a week with people (Community) // Haven’t gotten a neighborhood group together yet, but training is consistent with a friend of mine, to the point where running alone is so strange! Miles definitely fly by when you’ve got company.
  • Have people over, even though the house isn’t “ready” (Slow Down) // This is hard, every time, but we’re doing it!
  • Plan a “school-free” day (Be present) // This has been almost impossible to keep, but now that the semester is winding down, it’s getting easier. Still a work in progress.

November Goals: 

  • Revamp posts. (Educate) // Working in private practice this month has given me insight into the information (and misinformation!) that is out there that people believe about food and nutrition. Going to start working on some fun education-related posts to try to share appropriate knowledge on a few specific subjects. (If you have any suggestions for topics, let me know!)
  • Stick to training paces. (Speed) // Sometimes going slow is how you get fast. It has been so hard this training cycle to slow down and hit my target paces. It’s tempting to just keep going fast, but that’s not going to get me to my goals.
  • Enjoy the break. (Be present) // I have an entire week off for Thanksgiving with my family and friends. Going to make the most of finally having this holiday without work deadlines, travel plans, and event headaches.

Let’s Do This! September

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Finally learning to LET GO is amazing. And HARD. Not only have I been not recipe creating or blogging this last month, I was also not running for most of July. The combination of not cooking and not moving was strange. But not really all that hard. Getting back into it? That’s been hard. It really does take a month for a habit to develop. And about three weeks for it to disappear. But a new season means new goals, fresh starts, and sweet expectations. Here’s where I’m working on going this month.


September Goals:

  • Get back in the kitchen! (Create) // Probably not going to make it up to once a week, but I’ve got a handful of fun recipes up my sleeve that I’d love to share before the month is over!
  • Kick up fall race training (Speed) // Working on getting some speed and endurance back just in time for the weather to cool down (hopefully!)
  • Run once a week with people (Community) // So many runners in my neighborhood! Trying to see how I can get some of them together for a weekly fun run.
  • Have people over, even though the house isn’t “ready” (Slow Down) // Intentionality isn’t perfect. It shows up.
  • Plan a “school-free” day (Be present) // Sundays have been my rest day, media free day, community day. They also now need to be a school/work free day.

Here’s to a month of re-building habits. (And Happy Vegan Month of Food to everyone participating this year!)