Celebrate! Year In Review

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December and January may very well be my favorite time of the year. Holidays and food and traditions. And best of all, starting fresh. Just like in September when school starts, January is a brand new year, a clean slate ready for new accomplishments and memories and life. As this year ends, it is fun to reflect on all the ways life and people and small moments and big milestones were Celebrated.

December in Review:

  1. Host Girls Night Supper Club (1. Plan for it) // Such a sweet time with a unique group of ladies. Hoping to keep this going on a regular basis through next year.
  2. Relax and enjoy holidays at home (4. Schedule rest) // Our week traveling and visiting was very full and meaningful. Especially as our last Christmas as a family of two.
  3. Complete one food photography lesson per week (7. Capture it) // 50% accomplished! Skipped a couple of weeks while traveling and relaxing, per goal #2, but Mondays when I was home, I finally got started on this project.

Year in Review:

  1. Neat: Plan for it // Cultivate intentional relationships. Celebrate others through time. // By simply writing time for others into my schedule, it happened. And it wasn’t forced or stressed; planning it allowed for more intentionality and joy to occur.
  2. Nutritious: Learn from it // Finish internship strong. Cultivate gratitude for what is being poured into me. // 2016 was the year I finally finished a six-year journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian. The people and experiences I had during my internship were what set me up to be where I am today, and I am so grateful for each of those moments.
  3. Nutritious: Grow it // Plan for RD career. Celebrate life through food. // This year also brought the creation of Celebration Nutrition, where I have the privilege of helping others to celebrate life through food and continue to do so myself through my work.
  4. Neat: Schedule rest. Recharge and focus. Cultivate gratitude for what I’ve been given. // This year, I managed to take not one, but two vacations, a rarity in the past ten years. Numerous weekends of emptied schedules and evenings free also allowed more time for others and for giving myself grace.
  5. Nutritious: Prepare it // Cultivate a healthy mind and body. Celebrate others with my best self. // Knowing we were wanting to start a family soon, this year was also about making sure I fed my brain and my body the most nourishing food I could to be the best I could for my family. Having discipline can be difficult, but finding the balance between indulging and limiting choices allows for more joy all around.
  6. Neat: Push it // Get stronger and faster. Cultivate daily gratitude. // While I did run a strong marathon this year (plus my first ever running award!) and built strength through Pilates and body pump, the best part of this goal was when running became difficult and I had to learn to find the thankfulness for what I was still able to do and to push through the mental blocks and tiredness to keep going each day. Not everyone may be able to run through all of pregnancy, but continuing to move and be active however that looks like is still a joy to be grateful for.
  7. Neat: Capture it // Learn photography. Capture moments. Celebrate what matters. // I may be just now working on this one, but I have done a much better job at capturing moments outside of delicious recipes and meals. People, places, experiences, also need to be celebrated and treasured.
  8. Nutritious: Share it // Build this space. Celebrate simplicity, nutrition, life. // Each month, I have strived to share more than just food, allowing the celebration of daily living to spread through the words shared here. And also spreading the message of simple living, nourishing food, and celebrated joy to a larger audience. Thank you for following along with me this year. 2017 is only going to be sweeter.

Celebrate! December

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How is it already December? I feel like I say that every month, but with family in town, the Vegan Month of Food, and a busy work schedule, November just flew by. I am intentionally setting fewer goals for December, giving myself space to relax, enjoy the season, and focus on the things that matter right now. With so many ideas and projects and events happening in the coming months, it can be easy for me to go go go to get it all done now, but it can wait. January will have enough days to get it all done. Today is about Celebrating.

November in Review:

  1. Plan a date night (1. Plan for it) // It definitely felt strange but good to finally be back at our favorite date spot!
  2. Add new Celebration Nutrition clients (3. Grow it) // Lots of good things happening through November and December. Working to finish all of them well.
  3. Write every day. (3. Grow it) // Surprisingly, it ended up being easier to batch write a bunch of things this month, instead of a little each day, which is unusual for me. But at least the writing happened!
  4. Stick to Pilates 3 times per week. (6. Push it) // Daily walks/runs plus daily Pilates has helped so much this past month. Going to stick with it each weekday from now on.

December Goals:

  1. Host Girls Night Supper Club (1. Plan for it) // This is finally happening, and I am grateful for the women in my life that I get to celebrate.
  2. Relax and enjoy holidays at home (4. Schedule rest) // December’s focus is on celebrating people and events and real life. No getting stuck on the things we cannot change or influence. Let it go and Celebrate!
  3. Complete one food photography lesson per week (7. Capture it) // Nothing like the end of the year to finally crack down on this goal, but its written down in my planner each Monday, so it’s happening!

Let’s go make this last month of 2016 a great one! Happy Celebrating!

Celebrate! November

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November goals are coming a little early this year, thanks to some fun things coming later this week (and month!). October literally disappeared in what seems like a week. I definitely did not get everything done this month, even with a shortened goal list. Lots of grace, starting over, and moving on. And ready for the holidays!!

October in Review:

  1. Host a girls night (1. Plan for it) // Girls night was postponed, but Supper Club was had! Grateful for all the people in our lives right now.
  2. Finish Celebration Nutrition project (3. Grow it) // Wrapping this one up today!
  3. Prep for Vegan Month of Food (8. Share it) // Yup, it’s happening again this year, and with posts every single day, starting tomorrow!

November Goals:

  1. Plan a date night (1. Plan for it) // This has been hard to do with exhaustion, sickness, and weird food aversions, but I am determined to get back in the habit before the end of the year.
  2. Add new Celebration Nutrition clients (3. Grow it) // Working on some holiday promotions and networking now that the above big project is (mostly) finished.
  3. Write every day. (3. Grow it) // Writing is not my favorite thing to do, but a necessary part of my work, and with a lot of projects coming up, it will be helpful to get in the habit of writing even a little bit every day instead of blocking entire days to get things done, which is what usually works for me with other tasks.
  4. Stick to Pilates 3 times per week. (6. Push it) // In addition to running/walking most days, I was consistent with Pop Pilates at the gym up until last week when it started to get a little more difficult with a belly. I found some online prenatal Pilates videos, but at home workouts are always hard for me to stick to. Hoping the public commitment helps me here!

Happy Halloween!  And get excited for a fun month of recipes and food!