Celebrate! A New Chapter

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As many of you may have guessed from my goals over the past few months, I am very excited to be finally launching my own nutrition counseling practice! When I first went back to school to become a Registered Dietitian, having my own business was something I thought of as a very far-reaching goal, never actually believing it was something I would or should or could do. There were so many avenues I was interested in pursuing in nutrition, so I kept studying and figured time would work it all out.


Then I got to my Dietetic Internship, and in the place that terrified me the most, clinicals, I discovered that I genuinely enjoyed educating people on nutrition. Especially those who had a medical need for very specific, specialized diets and were desperate for someone to tell them what they could eat, not just what they had to avoid. At the same time, I was engaging with friends who were going through similar battles, and the challenge and reward that came along with being able to help these people made me feel fulfilled and whole in my work. I began to think, maybe I could do this, maybe I should do this.

So onward I went from clinicals to shadowing an RD in private practice. And she was transparent and genuine and real with me about her journey, the day-to-day, the good, the frustrating, all of it. Three weeks later, I came home knowing this was something I would do. One day.

As the internship ended, I fell in love with community nutrition. Here I was blending my background in marketing and business with nutrition and making a real difference in people’s lives. And this is something I still desperately want to focus on. It’s why I went back to study nutrition in the first place. And there is absolutely more to come here as this journey progresses over the years. But for now, in my current stage of life, I came to a point where I realized starting my own business wasn’t for one day. It was for today.


So just as this year has been about celebrating others and cultivating gratitude, it’s also now about celebrating food. Celebrating life. And celebrating the extravagant balance between enjoyment of life and nourishing the body. And so Celebration Nutrition began. (You can read more about my nutrition philosophy and what guides my practice in this post over at CelebrationNutrition.)

I cannot wait to see where this path goes. And while this business will remain separate from Neat & Nutritious, you will continue to see healthy recipes, nutrition information, and healthy living discussions in this space, with a more personal spin on them. And for anyone looking to partner with me on any nutrition projects or counseling needs, you can easily connect with the new Services and Contact Me links at the top of the page. Thank you so much for supporting me in this space and this journey over the past few years!

Celebrate! August

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August to me is that horrible transition month where you know summer is almost over and fall is almost here but in the mean time you have a heat wave to cram all those last-minute summer plans into before school and routine start again. And this year, no more school ahead! It is so crazy to think about after 6 years of crisp new notebooks, Sharpie pens, and calendars filled with homework. July ended strong with finally working towards some goals after a few weeks of needed vacation and rest. And August is all about intentionally rebuilding habits so fall can start off strong once the temperatures start to cool off, race season starts, and pumpkin season begins.

Breckenridge Bike Trail | Neat & Nutritious

July in Review:

  1. Connect once a week (1. Plan for it) // Whole Foods work dates, pool time, and workout meetups were so helpful in keeping me on track and engaged with fabulous friends.
  2. Update resume (3. Grow it) // Multiple variations ready to go! Time to start working as a dietitian!
  3. Take a vacation (4. Schedule rest) // We went to Colorado earlier this month with friends, and it was a perfect time away to recharge and connect.
  4. Add weekly yoga (6. Push it) // Even after not practicing for over a year, the flow comes right back. Looking forward to keeping this in the weekly workout rotation.
  5. Redefine Neat & Nutritious (8. Share it) // Making progress, but still in the works!

August Goals:

  1. Connect once a week (1. Plan for it) // I enjoyed this so much last month, I am doing it again in the hopes to make it a habit.
  2. Add income streams (3. Grow it) // This space has mostly stayed ad free, with any things you see being affiliate related content that I choose. This has always been intentional to keep a minimalist approach to the blog. However, as work expands, there are some opportunities for more advertising income with little disruption to the clean feel and content shared here. So if you see some changes, please note that it is a work in progress. (And thank you for supporting brands that support this business!)
  3. Exercise 5 times per week (5. Prepare it) // It is SO HOT this summer in Texas, and if I don’t get out of the house by 7:30 a run is just not happening. While a break is always good, I am more productive and consistent with other areas of my life if workouts happen. So even though I dread driving to the gym, workout dates with friends will keep me accountable to treadmill runs and strength training this month. Fingers crossed we get a break from 100 degrees by September (but probably unlikely!)
  4. Drink more water (5. Prepare it) // Along with exercise and heat, water is SUPER important. And while I am usually very good at always having water with me and choosing water over other beverages, I have still been finding myself with dehydration headaches the past few weeks. So working on 80-100 oz each day is the new goal through the end of this heat wave summer.
  5. Be consistent with content ( 8. Share it) // Working on an August and September blog calendar with the intention of sharing more consistent and fun content with you into the fall.

Have a magnificent Monday! What goals are you aiming to accomplish this week to start August strong?

Celebrate! July

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As with last year, July is the time where I stop and reflect on where things have gone and what direction things should go for the rest of the year. A midpoint is always a good chance for a refresh. Reboot. Restart. Last month ended with passing the RD exam and finally becoming a Registered Dietitian after a 6 year journey. And this month started with a vacation which I took fully and unplugged from the stress of studying, job searching, and the unknown of the future. The rest of this month will continue to be light on posts as I reflect and plan on where to take things into the next 5 months. Definitely a lot of exciting things ahead!

13717249_1127086774001008_952536987066544456_o (2)

June in Review:

  1. Host backyard supper club (1. Plan for it) // Didn’t happen, but we hosted a fun July bash this weekend!
  2. Study for and pass the RD exam (2. Learn from it) // DONE!! I cannot believe this long 6 year journey is finally over!
  3. Attend 1 networking event (3. Grow it) // Managed to work in two this month. Scary, but feels empowering and exciting once it’s over.
  4. Add weekly yoga (3. Prepare it) // Started Pilates and barre classes in June but yoga got postponed until this past week. Feels good to sweat in a studio again!
  5. Create 4 new recipes (8. Share it) // Two (here and here) of four happened due to exam studying, but grateful for the prioritization there.

DSC_0904 -1

July Goals:

  1. Connect once a week (1. Plan for it) // Now that school stress is over, I am focusing on making relationships a priority again. And if it’s not on my calendar it doesn’t happen, so adding lunch, coffee, and run dates into the next two weeks.
  2. Update resume (3. Grow it) // Time to start working as a dietitian!
  3. Take a vacation (4. Schedule rest) // We went to Colorado earlier this month with friends, and it was a perfect time away to recharge and connect.
  4. Add weekly yoga (6. Push it) // Already started, so I feel like I am cheating a little, but hoping to finish this month strong with a (mostly) daily practice.
  5. Redefine Neat & Nutritious (8. Share it) // Now that I am a certified Registered Dietitian, I am looking into expanding topics, ideas, activities, and engagements through this space. Mostly planning happening this month and possibly next, but keep an eye out for some fun changes.

Here’s to finishing the month strong, successful, and restored!