Celebrate! April

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I used to absolutely despise April 1st. As someone who takes life very literally, jokes have always either gone over my head or I find to be just a little ridiculous. But then 10 (10!) years ago, a young, nervous boy took me to our park and played a song he wrote about me and fumbled with a ring he hid in the pick holder of his guitar and asked me to be his forever. And I’ve loved this day ever since. Even after he forgave me for running away in search of a tissue instead of saying yes, and even after we realized it was indeed April Fool’s Day and,  no, the ring could not be taken back.


March gets a B+ in terms of goals. Spring break was the necessary break from a tiring, almost finished routine, and I made sure to maximize each day of what was most likely the last spring break of my student career. Lots of cooking, creating, running, adventuring, and rest was had. And April now gets to reap some of those rewards. Back into necessary habits, schedules, everyday routine that gives space for celebrating weekday birthdays, recovering from hard days at the office, and laughing with the people who matter most.


March in Review:

  1. Seek out professional leadership opportunities (3. Grow it) // The community rotations for my internship have turned into a few golden opportunities, on top of the ones I have already been developing. Definitely excited for where these will lead!
  2. Get back in habit of No Media Sundays (4. Schedule it) // Remembering this has been hard, but so, so good to follow.
  3. Finish Lent strong (5. Prepare it) // Caffeine and sugar are already back in my life. Ready for some daily balance in the weeks ahead.
  4. Start running again (6. Push it) // Not every day, but each run has been enjoyable. No watch, no time, no distance goals. Just fun, nonstop moving until my lungs are done.
  5. Get back in the kitchen over Spring Break (8. Share it) // It was fun to get back in a groove again and make sure no CSA veggies went to waste. See here, here, and here.

April Goals:

  1. Plan and hold April Supper Club (2. Plan for it) // March’s dinner disappeared thanks to Spring Break and Easter, so ready for it to get back on the calendar.
  2. Focus on school work during the week (3. Learn from it) // ONE MONTH left! It is already a struggle to care about finishing strong, so this is here as a reminder.
  3. Create one business resource per week (4. Grow it) // In preparation for future jobs, I have a list of materials I want to create and build. To help with finishing strong, I am piggybacking fun projects on top of school goals to make it more realistic to complete.
  4. Plan post-internship trip (5. Schedule rest) // Now that the trip is booked, it’s time to focus on planning this again.
  5. Run 25-30 miles per week (6. Push it) // Continue to get back into a running groove before summer hits.


Celebrate! March

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Thank goodness February is over! Between daily commuting up to 4 hours a day for work and extra personal commitments on weekends, it was a whirlwind of a month. March is thankfully starting out much slower. Working in Austin again (finally!), Spring Break on the horizon, and less weekend plans is making me a happy lady. Planning ahead for a bit of grace last month kept me sane and my goal list manageable. And moving into March, it’s time to ramp back into fun Spring things like cooking and getting back outside.


February in Review:

  1. Give myself grace to let things go (4. Schedule Rest) // Being realistic with expectations through the long travel days saved my sanity last month.
  2. Give up sugar and alcohol through Lent ( 5. Prepare it) // Minus a few Sunday slips, I have managed to survive early morning drives, late evening projects, and nonstop activity without the boost from sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. Yup, caffeine went too! Decaf green tea and lemon has been my new morning routine.
  3. Run a 4:30 marathon (6. Push) // Didn’t quite make this time goal, but I did manage my B goal of running the whole thing. Feels amazing to accomplish something you never thought you were capable of.
  4. Cook through my CSA (8. Share It) // Many Friday evenings were spent prepping meals after Thursday CSA deliveries. Nothing went wasted! Next month, I’ll share a little bit of this process.

March Goals:

  1. Seek out professional leadership opportunities (3. Grow it) // Time to start networking.
  2. Get back in habit of No Media Sundays (4. Schedule it) // Now that school is winding down and my schedule is slightly less hectic than previous months, its time to focus on maintaining a Sabbath day again.
  3. Finish Lent strong (5. Prepare it) // Some days are easier than others, so planning for energy-filled foods and activities will get me through the month.
  4. Start running again (6. Push it) // After three weeks off, it’s time to get back in an easy, comfortable, fun routine again.
  5. Get back in the kitchen over Spring Break (8. Share it) // So many recipe ideas in my head that I finally have time to work on creating.

Ready for a fresh start and new focus!

Celebrate! February

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January disappeared into an abyss that was the tollway. So much driving. So much exhaustion. So little it felt like I was even accomplishing. But then I was able to see the results of helping people with food. With running. With educating. I was offered my first real RD job. I somehow finally crushed my big, scary sub-2 running goal. I gave myself so much grace. Slowing down doesn’t mean giving up. It doesn’t mean failing. It allows patience. Growth. Rest. We all need to remember to breathe.


January in Review:

  1. Write a business plan (3. Grow) // ALMOST done! Fine tuning all the ideas in my head has proven more difficult than I expected.
  2. Plan 10th anniversary/post-internship vacation trip (4. Schedule rest) // On hold. This was the first to get a pause. Trip is still happening. Planning has time.
  3. Host the first of monthly supper clubs (1. Plan) // So. Much. Joy. Excited for February’s dinner!
  4. Cut out sugar (5. Prepare) // A handful of stress-induced cheating, but mostly successful. Was actually easier than expected after the holidays.
  5. Attempt a sub-2:00 hr half at 3M (again!) (6. Push) // Not only succeeded, but completely crushed this goal, even after a rough training week prior.

February Goals:

  1. Run a 4:30 marathon (6. Push) // Austin is coming up on Valentine’s Day!
  2. Give myself grace to let things go (4. Schedule Rest) // Goals are great, but being realistic with expectations through the long travel days means accepting it won’t all happen.
  3. Cook through my CSA (8. Share It) // Along with long commutes, the cooking has disappeared, and food is sadly wilting in my crisper. Time to batch cook it all up for healthy meals this month. No more Whole Foods takeout!
  4. Give up sugar and alcohol through Lent (Prepare it) // Sugar last month was a good start, adding the alcohol through February and into March. Debating kicking the caffeine habit too, so should be an interesting few months!

Here’s to a Grace-Filled February!