Weekend in Pictures

standard November 21, 2010 1 response

Yesterday I did this:

(10.05 miles in 1:47, 1105 calories burned)

Then I came home and ate this:

(That would be a Kale Green Monster + pancakes with maple syrup, cranberry peanut butter and apple butter. The pancakes had chopped walnuts, oatmeal, and nutmeg in the batter. best.pancake.ever.)

And today I turned this:

Into this:

Now I am all prepped for the week + Thanksgiving! I’ve got my game plan ready for cooking on Wednesday and Thursday to get everything ready.  And I am way too excited about all the dishes I am making!

An Organized Pantry!

standard March 7, 2010 Leave a response

In preparation of finally getting a washer and dryer and therefore needing to move my “pantry” out of the laundry room, I spent an evening this past week rearranging, organizing, and labeling the shelves in the pantry and in my refrigerator. It was beautiful! Then, after the machines were installed, we realized the shelving would not fit back in the space. What to do? We quickly brainstormed, and then my awesome husband went to Home Depot (on his birthday!) with measurements in hand to buy some wood shelving to update our actual pantry space that was previously unusable.  All the preparation and labeling I had done came in really handy as well, as the space was much smaller and needed some creative space planning to fit everything back in. But I will now proudly show off the pantry. It is heavenly in its neat and labeled home!