Healthy Holidays: New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Just for January

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With January fast approaching, bringing with it a bright, shiny brand new year, it’s easy to get caught up in all the “New Year’s Resolution” hype. All the things we hoped to get done this year that we didn’t finish or forgot about. The things we decided to change and were waiting until January to implement.

While there is nothing wrong with starting resolutions on January 1st, you don’t have to wait until then to get started. Today is a great day. So is tomorrow. So is February. So many people start resolutions on January 1st and by mid-February or March, they’ve lost all momentum and have fallen back into their old habits. If you are tempted by the shiny newness of the New Year, try out these tips before jumping in with your 2018 goals.

1. Wait until Spring.

If you are a chronic January 1st resolutions-maker and by Spring, you’ve given up on all your goals, it might be better to spend January reflecting on the why of your goals and get started later in the year when you are more likely to stick to it.

2. Focus on the WHY.

Even if you do start in January, spend a little time this week reflecting on why the goals you are setting are important to you. What made you write those down as resolutions for the New Year? What is the big picture behind the specific action?

3. Set up accountability.

Determined to lose 50 pounds? Wanting to eat healthier? Or try to get your kids to eat more vegetables? Having outside accountability can dramatically help in sticking to the daily or weekly tasks that will get you to your goal. Have a friend meet you at the gym in the morning. Create a recipe swap group with your friends to share healthy recipes and tips. Tell people about your goal. Text a friend. Post a picture. Do whatever you know will help make it stick for you.

4. Don’t give up.

You will have set backs. You will “mess up.” But that one incident should not be reason for you to give up on the whole big picture. Refocus on the WHY you created. Follow up on the accountability you created. And start fresh tomorrow. None of us are perfect. We all give in to temptations. And what sets apart the quitters from the achievers is the mindset to keep going. Forgive yourself. Pick back up and keep going.

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Be Present: Year in Review

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2017 isn’t quite over yet, but as I’m starting to plan for 2018 (I’ve been trying to work on this all month, but things have been a little crazy over here!), it’s always helpful to go back and see what worked and what didn’t before jumping into new ideas and plans for the year ahead.

2017 was also a BIG year for me. Grew a business, had a baby, learned how to navigate life as a self-employed, work-from-home mama with a husband who travels every week. It was definitely a challenge that some days felt victorious and other days meant scratching out the whole to-do list and staying on the couch in our jammies all day.

Looking back on the goals I set for myself, way back before I even became a mama and realized how much a baby changes everything you thought you knew, I actually feel more accomplished than I felt going into writing this post. Many months, goals didn’t get finished. Some didn’t happen at all. And other months, I managed to knock out everything on my list. Learning the flexibility needed to juggle all I want to do has helped immensely in letting go of what just isn’t going to happen so that the things that matter CAN happen.

2017 Goals:

1. Increase self-awareness and knowledge in order to be a strong woman in today’s world. // There is so much I want to learn and do this year, and knowing I also need to give myself rest and a balance of self-care alongside motherhood, this is here to remind me to not neglect myself.

This was a very vague goal for something I had in my head and couldn’t get out on paper well. But looking back through my monthly goals, I feel I actually accomplished this, though not quite the way I had expected to when I wrote it down. I managed to read way more than I thought I’d have time for. I stopped and gave myself a break when I needed it. My business may have grown slower than I wanted, but I didn’t go crazy trying to adapt to my new routine without giving myself some grace. I learned what works for me, how I function best, how to best manage my time and schedule to make what matters most happen.

2. Look UP every day to remember what matters most. // “It has been said that to know the mystery of life we must turn our face toward the sun, for only when we look upward can we begin to understand.”

Daily reflection on where and WHO we get our purpose from has helped immensely in succeeding in the first goal above as well as simply functioning through this crazy, fun, challenging year.

3. Give myself grace as I learn to be a mother. // The to-do list can wait.

Many, many days of this. I had many months with a goal of “Cross something off each day” which meant crossing it off at the BEGINNING of the day, not the end just because it wasn’t getting done. Crossing things off at the beginning of the day opened up my brain and my calendar for breathing room which is a necessity for every new working mama.

4. Cultivate relationships well. // Continue to grow and give to the husband, friends, family, neighbors. We spent the last two years building a community, so that we could have people to surround us as we start this next adventure as parents, and all relationships need to be tended regularly.

This didn’t happen how I expected it to. We used to have monthly dinners and invite friends over. Now we have friends who invite themselves over, which we love. While I may not have cultivated wide relationships, there were few that went deep and gave us exactly what we needed in this season. Without me even really giving it much forethought.

5. Build back up to marathon-ready fitness level. // Ambitious, I know. I am longing for my usual training routine and am excited to get back to feeling myself and teaching my child to be strong and confident.

Hahaha. How ambitious I thought I was to do this. When it came time to start really thinking about a marathon this year, my heart was just not in it. The logistics of figuring out where and when to pump for long runs, for race day, were too annoying for me to want to deal with. The long hours of training did not sound fun. Instead, I aimed for a half. Granted, it was the half I keep swearing to never run again, but it was enough of a challenge to give me the comeback I needed this year, post-baby. And this week I have started training finally for a 26.2 race in the Spring, which was one of my December goals. I’m feeling ready now, so we will see where this goes in 2018.

6. Build consistency and growth in my business. // The flexibility of working for myself is an incredible privilege right now, and I have a lot of items in the works to grow Celebration Nutrition to be able to continue this career well and allow me to spend time with my family.

I was able to take as much time off for maternity leave as I needed. I am able to do work I absolutely LOVE every day and still enjoy lunch dates with my girl every day. I have worked on some cool projects. And I’m about to relaunch my website, which has been a really fun challenge in teaching myself a whole new level of technology, marketing, and business. Looking forward to even more growth next year as I streamline business systems, simplify services, and focus on doing what makes my heart happy every day – feeding and educating women, mamas, and families with plant-based nutrition and zero dieting. Thank you for following along on this journey!


Be Present: December

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Happy December!! This month always has me a bit conflicted. I’m usually all ready to just jump into 2018 planning and goal setting and tend to forget or pass over the fact that December is a whole month of possibility if I stop and plan for it first. Yet at the same time I want to give myself a break and just let the month be a break and recharge before the upcoming year. I have a few big projects that are still in the works right now, so as a balance, I’m working towards finishing those and then doing a lot of resting and personal development-related goals.

November in Review:

1. Pick and sign up for Marathon #6.

Technically this is still up in the air. I signed up for a race as a charity runner and am waiting to hear if I got accepted. Once I know more, I’ll share the details!

2. Set up a new meal prep routine that works.

New meal prep routine is to do less. Yup, less. Less planning, less thinking, less work. And the work I do spend on it all happens on the weekend.

3. Network weekly to build brand awareness.

This has been so much fun! There are so many fun people on the internet, if you find the right space and invest a little bit of time.

4. Donate milk to Mother’s Milk Bank.

Done! So grateful to have the milk to share and to finally get it out of my freezer! 100+ ounces off to some sweet precious preemies.

5. Outsource and time manage better to maximize work days.

This is still a work in progress, but I am getting much better at it!

December Goals:

  1. Read 2 books.
  2. Start marathon training!!
  3. Launch Healthy Habits Action Plan
  4. Cross something off every day.
  5. Gear up for a great 2018 with Powersheets and business planning.

Let’s finish this year out strong, friends! Happy Holidays!