Blog to Table with Recipost!

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Anyone else ever seen a recipe online and wished it would magically appear in front of you? While we haven’t gotten quite there yet, you can now get all the ingredients to blog recipes delivered to your door SAME DAY for you to make for dinner that night. Cool, right?

Neat & Nutritious has partnered with Recipost to provide some of our top searched recipes directly to you to make at home. New recipes will continue to be added, so be sure to check back and see what’s new. You can also suggest recipes that you would like to see added by leaving a comment on a recipe or sending me a message here.

So what is Recipost?

Recipost is a relatively new service platform that allows you to search for and purchase meals from your favorite bloggers to make at home. Similar to meal delivery services such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, Recipost sources its recipes from bloggers and allows you to choose what meals you want. With same day delivery service, Recipost also eliminates the waiting game. As a new service, Recipost isn’t in all locations yet, but most major cities across the U.S., including Austin, Dallas, and Houston here in Texas are currently on their routes.

How Do I Find Recipes?

You can search via recipe or by blogger. There are meals for every diet type, including Vegetarian, and Vegan options. In addition to recipes from Neat & Nutritious, there are other fellow dietitians with healthy meal options, allowing a wide variety of options.

What Do I Get?

With each Recipost purchase, you get all the ingredients to make that recipe along with the recipe instructions. To meet delivery minimums, all meals start at $40. Servings per meal vary, but all available Neat & Nutritious recipes serve at least 4 people, sometimes 6, meaning each serving is around $10 or less. Not bad for same day delivery and no grocery store shopping necessary!

How Do I Order?

You can purchase meals from the Recipost website. You can also find and order directly from Facebook (cool and a little scary at the same time, right?). Meals are also available via Pinterest.  As new recipes are added, I will also include a link to order directly from each recipe post.

Happy Cooking!

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by Recipost. All content and opinions are my own. I do receive compensation from each Neat & Nutritious recipe purchased. Thank you for supporting brands that support Neat & Nutritious.

Best of November

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We made it! November is over, and with a whirlwind of recipes, memories, tips, and ideas for healthy everyday and holiday eating and enjoyment, this year’s Vegan Month of Food is over. In case you missed any of the fun last month, here are some of the top highlights.


Comfort foods and treating yourself don’t have to equal junk food.


International foods aren’t just for take out. Skip the fat and frying and make your own!


Eat the rainbow and balance your plate with meal sized salads.


Childhood favorites and holiday traditions don’t have to equal high fat or sugar comas.


Make your own holiday gifts and share the food love!

Now back to a normal schedule! December is already looking pretty delicious and packed with more holiday festivities.

Holiday Gift Ideas

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For the past four or five years, I’ve given homemade food items as Christmas gifts to friends and family. I love making things and sharing recipes. And I love receiving handmade items over mass-produced, society-expected gifts that usually lack the same amount of time and love put into a handmade item.


Some gifts I’ve given in the past include:

  • Baked Salted Lime Chips & Canned Salsa
  • Cranberry Bread and Almond Butter packaged in a festive basket or box.
  • Granola and Chia Jam
  • Christmas Cookies and Hot Chocolate Mix
  • Truffles – last year I mixed and matched Peppermint Truffles, Buckeyes, Coconut Cherry Truffles, and Dark Chocolate Fudge into little candy boxes.


Other great handmade food gifts include:


Since I travel with these gifts, I like to make sure they are shelf-stable. Which means I stick to canned items, baked goods, or mixes. If you have flexibility on storage and gifting time, go crazy with fun sauces, dips, soups, spice mixes, or even ice cream! Just make sure you are heating, sealing, and packaging items correctly to prevent spoiling or bacteria growth. These gifts need to make it from creation to wrapping to gifting to eating!