Cleaning Craving

standard May 12, 2013 Leave a response

After three weeks of constant traveling, disorientation events, and moving madness, I finally had a chance to cook again. I got a huge CSA bounty this week and had no idea what to do with most of it. Since I am in the middle of my usual pre-move “use it up or toss it out” phase, I dug out my cookbooks and found recipes that maximized what I received plus what was left in the pantry. Three hours later, I had enough food for the next two weeks before we leave. Perfect.


All these greens turned into:

  • cabbage soup
  • cole slaw
  • kale chips
  • salad with roasted chickpeas and carrots
  • brown rice with leeks
  • lentils, leeks, and greens pasta sauce

It feels oh so good to have an empty pantry, fridge, and freezer and pre-made meals ready. Reminds me of the days when I had weekends free for bulk cooking and bake fest. I have no idea how we accumulate so much stuff in such a short period of time. It will be nice to start over and try to maintain a minimalist kitchen. Our new kitchen is half the size of our current one, so I won’t have much of a choice!

A Vegan Paradise

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I love Austin. I really cannot say that enough. When I found out the first annual Texas VegFest was happening here last year, I was really excited. Then I looked at my calendar and realized there was no way I could make it back from Philadelphia that weekend.


Thankfully, this year the date was wide open. I also had the opportunity this year to volunteer at the festival, which was even more exciting. Not only did this afford me a way to see the festival without roaming around aimlessly by myself, but I got to put my work skills to use in an environment that I love. I worked as a Team Leader of volunteers helping to organize the sponsor and vendor tables. This meant front row access to delicious vegan food. Yes, please!


On top of delicious food, there were fantastic speakers, live music, and a children’s activity area. I was really excited to see Austin local Christy Morgan, who is a vegan chef, and Isa Chandra Moskowitz, who ended up sick and unable to attend at the last minute.


The best part about VegFest to me was having all the vegan food vendors I have been meaning to go visit all in one location. With my crazy travel schedule since we have lived in Austin, I have not had a chance to visit many places on my ever growing list. I was not ready to leave this city without ever tasting some of the amazing vegan dishes I had heard so much about.  At VegFest, I got to eat at every place at once. Truly, a vegan paradise!


There is really something for everyone here. I was amazed while listening to Christy’s cooking demo at the number of vegan-curious questions that arose. Many people are just scoping it out, trying to figure out how to change their diet and lifestyle, how to live healthy lives.Texas VegFest is a great place to see how awesome, fun, and easy a plant-based lifestyle can be.


If you’re in Austin next year, you must go to Texas VegFest! I promise your stomach will thank you.

Five Pounds

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How much lettuce can you eat in a week? That was the question I got to quickly answer as I realized I had purchased a pound of greens at the store the day before I received four pounds of kale, arugula, and bok choy in my CSA share. Oops.

I usually go through greens really fast, so on Tuesday it didn’t seem like a lot on hand. By Friday I still had three pounds to go. And I was going out of town on Monday. What to do?

All the bok choy got sautéed down into a variation of this dish.

Kale and the store-bought greens got stuffed into my blender each morning. My poor Cuisinart didn’t know what to do.

The arugula went toward this salad. Which I didn’t know when to even eat, since I had already made an entire batch of this salad and had 8 cups of shaved Brussels sprout goodness to chomp through. Way to plan ahead on that one.

Anything leftover got sautéed down and added to a quick pasta dish. Thankfully I had leftover sauce in the freezer from making this dish a while back, and was able to make a quick nutrient dense meal to finish off all those greens.

Definitely a close call. Now off to another week of bad hotel food, excess coffee, protein bars, and green juice. I bet I’ll be missing all these greens by the end of the week!