Adzuki Beans: Sweet or Savory

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Adzuki beans are small, red legumes with a mild flavor. These little beans were foreign to me before I first started the Thrive diet. And they were even harder to find in the store. While they are slowly becoming a little more mainstream, they still are fairly uncommon to most people. But their unique uses and nutritional profile make them a gem for recipes and meals.


Loaded with protein and fiber, these little red beans pack a hefty nutritional punch. Iron, folate, potassium, manganese, phosphate, and zinc round out the micronutrient profile. These nutrients combine to create a food that are more digestible than other beans and are beneficial to low calorie and low fat diets.


The high protein, low fat profile of adzuki beans helps with satiety, digestive health, and muscle repair. Pregnant women benefit from the relatively high folate and iron content, while potassium and manganese can help manage blood pressure and muscle contractions.


Give these little red gems a sweet or savory spin with one of these recipes:

  1. Adzuki Bean Curry
  2. Adzuki Bean Chocolate Fudge Brownies
  3. Creamy Kale Quinoa Salad
  4. Sweet Sesame Adzuki Bean Crumb Bars
  5. Zesty Adzuki Bean Salad

Broccolini: More than Baby Broccoli

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We love broccolini in our house. And broccoli. Both get equal weight, but there is just something about the petite broccolini stems that lends itself to a little fanciness, a little something special. So I was super excited to see a bag of these slender greens in our CSA box this week. Although it’s tempting to just roast them up, I’ve got a few creative ideas up my sleeve for them this week.



A cross between regular and Chinese broccoli, broccolini is slightly sweeter and carries just as many nutritional benefits as its parent vegetables. At around 20 calories per half cup, these slender stalks are full of potassium, fiber, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and yes, even protein.


With just as much calcium as a glass of milk, broccolini is great for bone health. Its vitamin C content and high antioxidant levels help to boost the immune system and prevent disease. Thanks to the fiber, broccolini helps with weight loss and digestion by keeping the belly full and flushing out the digestive system.


Grab a bunch of broccolini and make one of these veggie-loaded dishes this week!


Radishes: Small and Mighty

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Everyone has a list of foods they just do not like. Either by not ever having eaten it, trying it once in a really bad dish, or by just not liking it after trying it over and over (can anyone say okra?) Radishes were a food I tried once and just didn’t get. Thankfully, it keeps popping up in other recipes I have liked over the years, and I’ve now had it in CSA deliveries on a regular basis. Its crunchy, peppery flavor is perfect in salads, tacos, dips, and sandwiches. And with a few different varieties, there are countless ways to try this small but mighty vegetable.



Whether it’s the traditional white or red radish, Japanese daikon, watermelon radish, or Spanish black radish, this little root vegetable packs a lot of nutrition into each crunchy bite. A single radish comes in at just one calorie, and half a cup contains a whopping nine calories, along with a handful of fiber, folate, potassium, and a significant amount of vitamin C.


Radishes have a high water content, and are thus a very hydrating food. Their low-calorie and high fiber ratio aid in fullness, weight loss, and digestion. The high vitamin C content works to prevent and fight illness and disease. Their nutritional makeup also makes they a terrific detoxifying food, calming the digestive system, and purifying and soothing organs.


Give radishes another chance with one of these bright and flavorful recipes: