Weekly Menu: Holiday Favorites

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Holiday feasting is right around the corner. And while the urge to either completely splurge or resist all temptations is common for most of us, I’d like to propose an alternative. Balance! Enjoy it all, but within reason. Take smaller portions. Choose which indulgences you are going to go for. And be okay with yourself. Enjoy the season. (For more tips on this, check out this post).

In the name of balance, here are some of my holiday favorite meal ideas, that sound indulgent but are packed with veggies, nutrition, and flavor. No need to pick and choose here!

Entrees and Sides:

Sweets and Treats:

Have a very Merry Christmas week!

Weekly Menu: Comfort Classics

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With temperatures finally at the freezing level and some cloudy days full of wind gusts and “flurries,” it’s safe to say winter has finally arrived in Texas. Which to me, means soup all the time. Cozy, comfort foods packed with nutrition and color to stay warm and healthy through the end of the year. This week’s menu is simple, with lots of leftovers, because soup can last a while. And leftovers freeze well for when you need a meal in a pinch after Christmas and you come home from seeing family to an empty pantry.


CSA Ingredients



  • Wash and chop all veggies.
  • Cook of rice for curry.
  • Make a batch of quinoa to bulk up meals as needed.
  • Make salad dressing and massage into kale for salad.



  • Monday: Spiced Chili Taco Soup with crumbled seitan and diced avocado
  • Tuesday: Kale Salad with quinoa for an extra protein boost.
  • Wednesday: Easy Red Curry with brown rice
  • Thursday: Leftover Spiced Chili Taco Soup simmered down into chili and served over pasta.
  • Friday: 7 Vegetable Soup with crusty whole grain bread

Lunches: Leftovers this week for easy quick meals. Kale salad is hearty enough to keep for a few days.

Breakfasts: Grapefruit Ginger Smoothies and Pink Power Detox Smoothies to maximize nutrient intake despite these chilly temps!

Have a warm and cozy week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the years, I’ve gone from all-out must-make-all-the-things to a now very streamlined, simple menu full of our favorite things. Considering half our day is taken up with annual Turkey Trot festivities, getting everything cooked and ready for a decent dinner time can be challenging without a plan. If you find yourself stressed today, or are trying to avoid being crazed in the kitchen, remember these tips.


1. Let people help. Whether they actually plan on helping or not, most people who come over for a Thanksgiving meal will at least offer to help. Put them to work! The more hands, the better, so long as everyone fits in the kitchen without a mess!

2. Start with appetizers. Make some snacks ahead of time to keep the hunger monsters at bay. Less “when’s dinner ready?” when there’s already food available. And no rush if there’s no more room in the oven.

3. Remember what it’s really about. Take note of all the things we are thankful for. People to spend time with, argue with, laugh with. Food to fill our bellies. Freedom to get to celebrate together. Burnt pie and cold potatoes are not the end of the world.


For anyone stuck on last-minute ideas, check out these past menus:


And some new Thanksgiving favorites: