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New year, new goals, new start. I love, love, love blank slates, fresh starts, white pages. So much possibility ahead. In preparing for what I wanted 2016 to look like, the two things that stood out to me were to Celebrate Others and Cultivate Gratitude. This is my second year using Lara Casey’s Powersheets for goal setting, and all of this year’s goals are focused around Celebrating and Cultivating. I’ve written them here to tie into the focus of Neat & Nutritious, but they are also geared toward the direction life is taking me this year. Some are vague, but I plan to go into more detail as I work and focus on each goal in later months.



Celebrate others. In the first half of my internship I have learned more than anything how to read people, listen to people, learn from people. As an introvert, talking takes so much energy. Interacting with others is draining. It’s easy to stay at home. But people have such interesting stories. They have hurts, needs, joys, strengths. 2016 is about celebrating the good, supporting in the bad. Being present. Less of me. More life.

Cultivate gratitude. When we focus on the good, the bad is less daunting. Gratitude turns the focus off of me and onto others. It says goodbye to comparison, hello to joy. By celebrating we can also cultivate. In our focus on gratitude, we can rejoice with others.

2016 Goals:

  1. Neat: Plan for it // Cultivate intentional relationships. Celebrate others through time.
  2. Nutritious: Learn from it // Finish internship strong. Cultivate gratitude for what is being poured into me.
  3. Nutritious: Grow it // Plan for RD career. Celebrate life through food.
  4. Neat: Schedule rest. Recharge and focus. Cultivate gratitude for what I’ve been given.
  5. Nutritious: Prepare it // Cultivate a healthy mind and body. Celebrate others with my best self.
  6. Neat: Push it // Get stronger and faster. Cultivate daily gratitude.
  7. Neat: Capture it // Learn photography. Capture moments. Celebrate what matters.
  8. Nutritious: Share it // Build this space. Celebrate simplicity, nutrition, life.

January Goals:

  1. Write a business plan (3. Grow)
  2. Plan 10th anniversary/post-internship vacation trip (4. Schedule rest)
  3. Host the first of monthly supper clubs (1. Plan)
  4. Cut out sugar (5. Prepare)
  5. Attempt a sub-2:00 hr half at 3M (again!) (6. Push)

Here’s to a year full of celebrating what matters most!

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