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As many of you may have guessed from my goals over the past few months, I am very excited to be finally launching my own nutrition counseling practice! When I first went back to school to become a Registered Dietitian, having my own business was something I thought of as a very far-reaching goal, never actually believing it was something I would or should or could do. There were so many avenues I was interested in pursuing in nutrition, so I kept studying and figured time would work it all out.


Then I got to my Dietetic Internship, and in the place that terrified me the most, clinicals, I discovered that I genuinely enjoyed educating people on nutrition. Especially those who had a medical need for very specific, specialized diets and were desperate for someone to tell them what they could eat, not just what they had to avoid. At the same time, I was engaging with friends who were going through similar battles, and the challenge and reward that came along with being able to help these people made me feel fulfilled and whole in my work. I began to think, maybe I could do this, maybe I should do this.

So onward I went from clinicals to shadowing an RD in private practice. And she was transparent and genuine and real with me about her journey, the day-to-day, the good, the frustrating, all of it. Three weeks later, I came home knowing this was something I would do. One day.

As the internship ended, I fell in love with community nutrition. Here I was blending my background in marketing and business with nutrition and making a real difference in people’s lives. And this is something I still desperately want to focus on. It’s why I went back to study nutrition in the first place. And there is absolutely more to come here as this journey progresses over the years. But for now, in my current stage of life, I came to a point where I realized starting my own business wasn’t for one day. It was for today.


So just as this year has been about celebrating others and cultivating gratitude, it’s also now about celebrating food. Celebrating life. And celebrating the extravagant balance between enjoyment of life and nourishing the body. And so Celebration Nutrition began. (You can read more about my nutrition philosophy and what guides my practice in this post over at CelebrationNutrition.)

I cannot wait to see where this path goes. And while this business will remain separate from Neat & Nutritious, you will continue to see healthy recipes, nutrition information, and healthy living discussions in this space, with a more personal spin on them. And for anyone looking to partner with me on any nutrition projects or counseling needs, you can easily connect with the new Services and Contact Me links at the top of the page. Thank you so much for supporting me in this space and this journey over the past few years!

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  • Congrats girl!!! You are amazing and you are going to help so many people! <3

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