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August to me is that horrible transition month where you know summer is almost over and fall is almost here but in the mean time you have a heat wave to cram all those last-minute summer plans into before school and routine start again. And this year, no more school ahead! It is so crazy to think about after 6 years of crisp new notebooks, Sharpie pens, and calendars filled with homework. July ended strong with finally working towards some goals after a few weeks of needed vacation and rest. And August is all about intentionally rebuilding habits so fall can start off strong once the temperatures start to cool off, race season starts, and pumpkin season begins.

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July in Review:

  1. Connect once a week (1. Plan for it) // Whole Foods work dates, pool time, and workout meetups were so helpful in keeping me on track and engaged with fabulous friends.
  2. Update resume (3. Grow it) // Multiple variations ready to go! Time to start working as a dietitian!
  3. Take a vacation (4. Schedule rest) // We went to Colorado earlier this month with friends, and it was a perfect time away to recharge and connect.
  4. Add weekly yoga (6. Push it) // Even after not practicing for over a year, the flow comes right back. Looking forward to keeping this in the weekly workout rotation.
  5. Redefine Neat & Nutritious (8. Share it) // Making progress, but still in the works!

August Goals:

  1. Connect once a week (1. Plan for it) // I enjoyed this so much last month, I am doing it again in the hopes to make it a habit.
  2. Add income streams (3. Grow it) // This space has mostly stayed ad free, with any things you see being affiliate related content that I choose. This has always been intentional to keep a minimalist approach to the blog. However, as work expands, there are some opportunities for more advertising income with little disruption to the clean feel and content shared here. So if you see some changes, please note that it is a work in progress. (And thank you for supporting brands that support this business!)
  3. Exercise 5 times per week (5. Prepare it) // It is SO HOT this summer in Texas, and if I don’t get out of the house by 7:30 a run is just not happening. While a break is always good, I am more productive and consistent with other areas of my life if workouts happen. So even though I dread driving to the gym, workout dates with friends will keep me accountable to treadmill runs and strength training this month. Fingers crossed we get a break from 100 degrees by September (but probably unlikely!)
  4. Drink more water (5. Prepare it) // Along with exercise and heat, water is SUPER important. And while I am usually very good at always having water with me and choosing water over other beverages, I have still been finding myself with dehydration headaches the past few weeks. So working on 80-100 oz each day is the new goal through the end of this heat wave summer.
  5. Be consistent with content ( 8. Share it) // Working on an August and September blog calendar with the intention of sharing more consistent and fun content with you into the fall.

Have a magnificent Monday! What goals are you aiming to accomplish this week to start August strong?

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