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January disappeared into an abyss that was the tollway. So much driving. So much exhaustion. So little it felt like I was even accomplishing. But then I was able to see the results of helping people with food. With running. With educating. I was offered my first real RD job. I somehow finally crushed my big, scary sub-2 running goal. I gave myself so much grace. Slowing down doesn’t mean giving up. It doesn’t mean failing. It allows patience. Growth. Rest. We all need to remember to breathe.


January in Review:

  1. Write a business plan (3. Grow) // ALMOST done! Fine tuning all the ideas in my head has proven more difficult than I expected.
  2. Plan 10th anniversary/post-internship vacation trip (4. Schedule rest) // On hold. This was the first to get a pause. Trip is still happening. Planning has time.
  3. Host the first of monthly supper clubs (1. Plan) // So. Much. Joy. Excited for February’s dinner!
  4. Cut out sugar (5. Prepare) // A handful of stress-induced cheating, but mostly successful. Was actually easier than expected after the holidays.
  5. Attempt a sub-2:00 hr half at 3M (again!) (6. Push) // Not only succeeded, but completely crushed this goal, even after a rough training week prior.

February Goals:

  1. Run a 4:30 marathon (6. Push) // Austin is coming up on Valentine’s Day!
  2. Give myself grace to let things go (4. Schedule Rest) // Goals are great, but being realistic with expectations through the long travel days means accepting it won’t all happen.
  3. Cook through my CSA (8. Share It) // Along with long commutes, the cooking has disappeared, and food is sadly wilting in my crisper. Time to batch cook it all up for healthy meals this month. No more Whole Foods takeout!
  4. Give up sugar and alcohol through Lent (Prepare it) // Sugar last month was a good start, adding the alcohol through February and into March. Debating kicking the caffeine habit too, so should be an interesting few months!

Here’s to a Grace-Filled February!

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