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As with last year, July is the time where I stop and reflect on where things have gone and what direction things should go for the rest of the year. A midpoint is always a good chance for a refresh. Reboot. Restart. Last month ended with passing the RD exam and finally becoming a Registered Dietitian after a 6 year journey. And this month started with a vacation which I took fully and unplugged from the stress of studying, job searching, and the unknown of the future. The rest of this month will continue to be light on posts as I reflect and plan on where to take things into the next 5 months. Definitely a lot of exciting things ahead!

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June in Review:

  1. Host backyard supper club (1. Plan for it) // Didn’t happen, but we hosted a fun July bash this weekend!
  2. Study for and pass the RD exam (2. Learn from it) // DONE!! I cannot believe this long 6 year journey is finally over!
  3. Attend 1 networking event (3. Grow it) // Managed to work in two this month. Scary, but feels empowering and exciting once it’s over.
  4. Add weekly yoga (3. Prepare it) // Started Pilates and barre classes in June but yoga got postponed until this past week. Feels good to sweat in a studio again!
  5. Create 4 new recipes (8. Share it) // Two (here and here) of four happened due to exam studying, but grateful for the prioritization there.

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July Goals:

  1. Connect once a week (1. Plan for it) // Now that school stress is over, I am focusing on making relationships a priority again. And if it’s not on my calendar it doesn’t happen, so adding lunch, coffee, and run dates into the next two weeks.
  2. Update resume (3. Grow it) // Time to start working as a dietitian!
  3. Take a vacation (4. Schedule rest) // We went to Colorado earlier this month with friends, and it was a perfect time away to recharge and connect.
  4. Add weekly yoga (6. Push it) // Already started, so I feel like I am cheating a little, but hoping to finish this month strong with a (mostly) daily practice.
  5. Redefine Neat & Nutritious (8. Share it) // Now that I am a certified Registered Dietitian, I am looking into expanding topics, ideas, activities, and engagements through this space. Mostly planning happening this month and possibly next, but keep an eye out for some fun changes.

Here’s to finishing the month strong, successful, and restored!

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