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May was a wonderful finale to a long, exhausting, completely rewarding year. Internship finished, RD exam scheduled, passport used. I am now 100% ready for June to be the best month yet this year. Birthday month is always the best month, anyway, right? 😉


May in Review:

  1. Study for the RD exam (3. Grow it) // Just started last week and continuing through June until exam time. Should be an interesting experience.
  2. Take a vacation (4. Schedule rest) // European adventuring for 16 days was exactly the refresh I needed to move into this new season of life well.
  3. Run every day (5. Prepare it) // Minus traveling, I managed this one. And have kept it up so far in June as well. Legs and heart are happy.

June Goals:

  1. Host backyard supper club (1. Plan for it) // Assuming it stops raining here in Texas anytime soon …
  2. Study for and pass the RD exam (2. Learn from it) // One last big step to the finish line.
  3. Attend 1 networking event (3. Grow it) // Time to plan for an RD career!
  4. Add weekly yoga (3. Prepare it) // Having a more flexible schedule now will hopefully allow me to do this now. I’ve missed it!
  5. Create 4 new recipes (8. Share it) // Summer produce means lots of fun flavor and creative dishes, coming right up!

This month, Take the Leap. Risk is better than Regret. 

What big, scary, fun goals do you need to take a risk on this summer?

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