Celebrate! May

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Another month over in a blink. As May begins, I am grateful for the chance to slow down, reflect, relax, and dream for the coming months.


April in Review:

  1. Plan and hold April Supper Club (2. Plan for it) // I love filling my table with friends and food. This didn’t happen the way I thought it would this month, but it was still so good.
  2. Focus on school work during the week (3. Learn from it) // While I was more diligent here, weekends still were taken up with work. But you guys, as of today, I AM DONE! It feels like I just started this internship. And at the same time, it feels like I’ve been working towards this forever. Six years of work completed. One more step left.
  3. Create one business resource per week (4. Grow it) // Still in process, but I am excited for seeing some tangible plans on paper.
  4. Plan post-internship trip (5. Schedule rest) // Planned! Booked! Leaving soon!
  5. Run 25-30 miles per week (6. Push it) // Pretty sure I haven’t even run 25 miles this month. But I was consistent with strength training. Grace, not Perfection.

May Goals:

  1. Study for the RD exam (3. Grow it) // One more step left on this long journey!
  2. Take a vacation (4. Schedule rest) // Most of May will be traveling, exploring, and dreaming.
  3. Run every day (5. Prepare it) // Ready to get back into a rhythm.

Here’s to a month of rest, recharging, and celebrating!

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