Change of Pace

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It’s crazy to me that I am already at the end of the 12 Week Thrive meal plan. Technically, this is week 11, but since I am traveling a lot the rest of this month, I have decided it will be easier to clean out the fridge and pantry this last week and start over with a new game plan when I get back.

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In the beginning, I was thinking I would start over and continue with Thrive until race weekend in January. However, I am so tired of the same recipes for 12 weeks! It is definitely time for something new. I’ve been working on meal plans for the remainder of race training, using recipes that stick to the foods focused on in Thrive, but come from a variety of sources, including the Thrive Kitchen recipe center, my Feedly reader, Pinterest, and Thrive Foods. I think it will be interesting to see how my body responds to the change of pace as my mileage and training ramps up. It is also going to be nice to start creating recipes again instead of sticking so closely to a set menu!

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