Confession: A Project 333 Update

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Having a simplified wardrobe is awesome. The dedicated space in my closet for my 33 items is nice and organized, and my husband now has more clothes in the closet than I do. But I have a confession: I still live in my gym clothes. And since gym clothes don’t count if they only get worn to the gym and not anywhere else outside of the house, it’s okay, right? Well, since I spend my days mostly at home and going to the gym once, sometimes twice a day, they get worn almost exclusively during the week. And if I have lunch plans after yoga, no problem. Have to stop by the grocery store after a group x class? Sure…2015-05-14 16.44.11

No more! My gym clothes drawer got its own Project 333 makeover this week. 33 items for each season of running, weight lifting, yoga, and pilates. And items I really do wear all the time got added to my everyday 33 items. No more cheating! And no more overflowing gym wardrobe.

Thankfully, my running clothes work well as double duty for yoga clothes and yoga clothes are perfect for weight lifting classes. And now if something gets added, something’s gotta go, just like with my main wardrobe. And if an item cannot multitask across different workouts, out it goes!

Have any of you tried Project 333 yet? Any other mid-season capsule wardrobe confessions out there?

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