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Yesterday I attempted an 18 mile long run on the icy, snowy neighborhood streets around my mother-in-law’s house. After not even 4 miles, my feet were numb from running through so much snow and sidestepping around thick patches of ice.


Not willing to lose a toe, I went home, determined to finish the mileage at my parent’s apartment gym today. Not sure if yesterday’s snowy streets were better or worse than today’s three hours on a treadmill with nothing to stare at but the front door of the gym.

In addition to my snowy outdoor running fail, I’ve also been failing my body this week. In an effort to be easy and not difficult, I’ve become way to comfortable eating things with cheese. And my body is NOT happy. If you are ever wondering why dairy is not good for you, give it up for two weeks and then eat it again. Stuffy noses, unhappy stomachs, and headaches galore. I’m now giving up my complacent ways and turning into a serious anti-dairy eater. So I apologize in advance if I don’t eat something you make for me or if I seriously start analyzing ingredients in everything. In addition to feeling better physically, my training and upcoming races will benefit, and my conscience will be at peace.


This was not meant to be a preemptive new year’s resolution post. It just so happens that my running and eating failures have coincided with the massive feasting and overindulgence of the holidays. And as I figure out how to transition my lifestyle, which is still an ongoing process years after making the choice to give up animal proteins, I want to stay transparent on here. I’m not perfect; switching one’s diet is an ongoing process with social implications that are honestly really hard sometimes.

Now that I’ve gotten those confessions out in the open, I am off to enjoy the holidays with my family.

Merry Christmas!

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