Cranberry Fix

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I love Sundays. I love spending Sundays prepping all my produce for the week, baking up breakfasts and snacks to freeze. Today I got really excited about cranberries. I think I love cranberries even more than I love pumpkin. And the November/December Clean Eating that came last week was filled with Thanksgiving cranberry goodness. I spent today making cranberry relish, cranberry muffins, and cranberry-walnut cookies. Since we don’t have any plans this year for Thanksgiving, I probably won’t cook a big meal for just the two of us, so I figured I would slowly make my Thanksgiving favorites all month, incorporated into our everyday meals.

Meals this week are a mix from Clean Eating and made-up recipes from staples in the pantry.

  • Sunday: Spaghetti with Lentil Bolognese
  • Monday: Mexican Quinoa Salad
  • Tuesday: Veggie Pot Pie with Pumpkin Crust
  • Wednesday: “Beef” Stew with Mushrooms and Chickpeas
  • Thursday: Tempeh with Cranberry Relish and Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Friday: Date Night
  • Saturday: Pizza

I’m planning on using the rest of the cranberries to make and freeze my absolute favorite holiday food.  I’ll definitely get my fill of cranberries this month!

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