December: Run Love

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This last month of running goals is all about paying forward the joy of running. And after this year of big PRs, amazing races, numerous cities, and pure running fun, I think there is no better way to end the year than by sharing the run love.


1. Go in groups.Whether you join a run club, start your own running group with friends, or have a virtual network across the country, running in groups is always more fun than running solo. There are serious training groups, fun and laid-back, yet organized groups, and spur of the moment, thrown together groups in most cities. You just have to find them. (If you’re in Austin, check out bRUNch Running!)

2. Volunteer. Want to join a group but don’t know anyone? Signing up to volunteer at a group run or race is a great way to meet new people. Running organizations such as Girls on the Run are also always open to people who want to help out and give back to the community.

3. Pay it forward. Whether by volunteering with an organization, giving advice to a newbie runner friend, or mentoring a running partner, paying forward the expertise and training you were given is one of the greatest highs. And by far the best way to share the run love.


A Year of Running Goals:

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