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Kale is everywhere nowadays. But while, you may be tired of hearing about it, kale truly is a superfood that should be in everyone’s diet. Kale is extremely nutrient dense, providing iron, calcium, potassium, and antioxidant vitamins C, A, and K for 33 kcal per cup.  It can help with cancer protection, lower cholesterol, reduce heart disease, and improve bone health (source).


There are two readily available types of kale in most supermarkets: curly kale and lactinato (dinosaur) kale. I’ve always bought regular old curly kale, wrapped it in a paper towel in the fridge, and washed leaves as I tore them into my morning smoothies. Occasionally I made kale salad or kale chips, but pretty much I drank it. And completely ignored lactinato kale, until the Thrive Diet.

All leafy greens are a part of the Thrive principles, but lactinato kale is specifically used in some recipes. I think I avoided it because of its name and appearance – it really looks like rough dinosaur skin – but it actually is softer and easier to eat than regular kale. I usually chiffonade it and toss it with other mixed greens in salad. It also blends really well into smoothies and cooks down beautifully in sautéed dishes.

Try it out this week in one of these recipes!

And for more fun reading on kale, check out this fun article.

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