Double Trouble

standard May 20, 2012 Leave a response

This week I had to go in to the office, and since I have an inability to arrive empty-handed, I had the chance to test out a few doughnut recipes I’d had my eye on. Sweet!

First up was the  Maple-Sea Salt recipe. These were the hands down favorite of the office. They were very moist and cake-like. I made the frosting extra thick, and the sea salt and maple combination was a perfect balance of salty and sweet.


The second batch was Triple Chocolate. These were, of course, the Husband’s favorite. Half were sprinkled with cocoa powder and sucanat and half got a dusting of coconut.

I had way too much fun playing with my doughnut pan. And I was way too excited when they actually came out of the oven looking like real doughnuts. You really never know what to expect with vegan baking, even when following someone else’s already tested recipe. Looking forward to more vegan doughnuts this summer!

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