Eat Your Vegetables

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Last week I overdosed on Starbucks Via coffee, Vega protein bars, and salads from the hotel bar. I came home craving my normal routine, needing substance and a meal not made of lettuce or including a wrapper. What I got was an email with next week’s CSA list. Item #1 – okra. Oh boy. Item #2 – eggplant.  Thankfully, the rest of the list were foods I love, know how to cook, and can easily incorporate into our diet. Okra and eggplant are another story. Along with beets, these vegetables have always scared me. I didn’t grow up eating them. My few experience with them as an adult were not pleasant. And I have no idea how to prepare them in a way that will make me enjoy eating them. I figured out what to do with both of these when our first share came, but hadn’t thought beyond gumbo and baba ganoush. BUT, I signed us up for a CSA in part to get more creative with our food. So I am determined to find a way to prepare and enjoy these once detested veggies.

We’ve also got arugula, tomatoes, potatoes, pears, squash, and maybe even a pumpkin coming this week (pumpkins in July?) Here’s my plan for getting through all this summertime goodness this week:

  • Sunday: Butternut Squash Enchiladas (last of our first CSA delivery)
  • Monday: Spaghetti (slim picking until Tuesday!)
  • Tuesday: Burgers and Okra Crisps
  • Wednesday: Green Bean, Potato, and Corn Salad
  • Thursday: Grilled Veggie Pasta (any veggie should be delicious roasted and tossed with pasta, right?)
  • Friday: Date Night
  • Saturday: Okra Fagioli

I’ve also got a few other recipes up my sleeve for week 2’s consumption of our upcoming CSA delivery (we get a half-share, so our produce needs to last us two weeks).

Lunch this week will be a variation of Chickpea Nicoise. Minus the okra and eggplant, the rest of our share are some of my favorite summer veggies, so I am looking forward to a creative way to enjoy all of them together!

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