Friday Favorites: Wish List

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Christmas is around the corner, and we are surrounded by boxes and bows, jewelry ads, Santa lists, and toy commercials. And this year, I find myself with a bad taste in my mouth witnessing it all. Instead of stuff and things and excess, how about a new spin on the holiday gift giving list.


  1. Provide for others. Through the International Justice Mission Gift Catalog, you can donate to fight violence, poverty, and hunger in the name of a friend or family member. My brother did this for me last year, and it was the gift that stuck with me the most throughout the year.
  2. Homemade gifts. I love cooking, baking, and canning special treats for people at Christmastime. Quick breads, nut butters, jams, candies, granola, salsa, baking mixes – the possibilities are endless and the reward can be shared.
  3. Gifts with a purpose. Shop at any one of a number of fair trade, non-profit, or not-just-for-profit companies that operate to provide jobs and security to women all across the world. A few of my favorites are SsekoNoonday Collection, and FashionABLE.
  4. Time. My favorite part of the holiday season is time. Time away from the everyday. Time with family. Even time in the car is relished when I realize what a gift it is to have uninterrupted hours with someone I am otherwise too busy to see everyday. Create an event, plan an activity, go on a road trip. And enjoy the gift yourself.

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