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And just like that, it’s already April. February ended strong, with the best of intentions planned and scheduled and ready for a fun and crazy March. And then suddenly March was halfway over and there was no way to catch back up without going insane. So instead of trying, I gave myself the grace to just let it go. No guilt. No stress. Moving, selling a house, finding a new house, navigating a now walking one year old, AND managing a business through a transition was plenty going on. Let me tell you, living without baby proofing is a full-time job on its own! Add in stagers and tools and dust and dirt and high-rise apartments with lots of drawers and windows and you’re just asking for trouble. My child was kind enough to pull my hair out for me so I didn’t have to during this season. Thanks, girlie.

Looking all the way back to February, before the craziness began, momentum was building, a nice routine was falling into place. Even with the crazy, unscheduled, dance party filled days we are having now, it feels good to know I will eventually get back to that rhythm of working mom, business owner, marathon runner, and friend. Some days, I honestly feel like I’ll never get anything done. And then other days, I’m running 10 miles with the stroller, crossing of my whole to-do list, and making dinner on time. This season is about learning to see progress, even if small, and appreciating the slow days while we have them.

February In Review:

1. Create something (content) every day.

Even if it was something as small as an image for a blog post, this was really helpful in giving me momentum and progress as the month went on. Once things settle down, I’m going to work on getting back into this habit.

2. Connect and network online every day.

I didn’t manage this every day, but most week days were ended with great conversations with new people. I even have a few new collaboration projects that I am really excited about as a result.

3. Create 2 new client resources.

I have a really fun plant-based nutrition e-book in progress, but didn’t get it finished before the big move. Working on finishing it this month! I will be sharing it first with my email community, so be sure to sign up to know when it’s available!

4. Update Caroline’s baby book.

The baby book is still only half done, but I have started writing memories down in the Promptly Journal I got her for Christmas. Such a fun way to keep track of things that we’d otherwise not necessarily remember or make note of in a traditional baby book.

5. Practice Pilates every weekday.

This was so, so good for my race training and feeling stronger post-baby! Love, love, love The Balanced Life Sisterhood. If you’re looking for at home workouts and a great accountability community, check it out!

Consistency and Routine

This month’s focus is on being consistent. Building rhythms into our days, even in this season of transition and change. Work may look different. Some days we drop everything and go look at a house. Other days we spend building block towers and practicing Pilates (otherwise known as mama the human jungle gym). My goals are to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time each day. To focus ONE hour on work each day, instead of broken up 10-15 minute pieces throughout the day. We run during one nap, work during the other. Play and create memories in between. And on the days that everything falls apart, we just it all go. We are all confined to a small apartment space in a big city with few friends and connections. Some days we all just need to lose it and let it out. There is something about saying it’s okay to have those days that makes it actually okay. So let’s all give ourselves the freedom to let something go this month. Whatever has been holding you back, that you cannot control. Give into it on occasion. Let the mess be. Order takeout. Sleep in. Skip the workout. And see what memories you can make instead.

April Goals:

  • Complete 2 Celebration Nutrition projects (exciting partnerships coming soon!)
  • Run Big Sur Marathon (April 29th!)
  • Find a house.
  • Meal plan and prep each week.
  • Create new routine in this season.

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