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I’ve struggled this past month with wanting to jump right in yet also slowly ease into things. While I’m ready to get right to my tasks and get things done, I also am craving a slower pace. My goals for February filled up fast, and I’m finding myself finding ways to let some go, knowing that if I get too overwhelmed, I’m more likely to not do anything vs. making small progress on a few things.

My biggest challenge right now is working on new routines, cultivating new habits. Getting up at the same time, going to bed at the same time, having set tasks in the morning and the evening, working on training my brain and my body to get into a new rhythm that is both slow and calming yet driven towards accomplishing something productive.

The focus for this month is ACTION. Going forth and DOING, but not too much at once. Focusing on doing ONE thing a day, each day, for the month. I have a few big work projects that I’m hoping to slowly make progress on, as well as spending more time on creative pursuits.

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January in Review:

1. Clear out clutter in one room each week.

This did not happen as intentionally or methodically as I had anticipated, but things are slowly getting cleaned out. More decluttering happening this month as well!

2. Set income goals for the year.

Last year I was mostly going with the flow when it came to working with new clients and new projects. This year, I have a more specific time frame for when I want projects to happen, how many people I have bandwidth to work with each month, and how much income I need to generate. I’m hoping having a financial focus will allow me to work smarter this year and take the time off when I need to without worrying about finances.

3. Set up weekly date nights.

Friends, this is important. If you’re not doing this, make it happen. We only get out of the house about once a month for a date, but Friday nights are date night in every single other week. No tv, no phones, no tablets. Just good food, conversation, silliness, and intentionality.

4. Take a walk to the park/swings each week.

My sweet girl LOVES the swings, and I love our time together slowing down, getting outside, and having fun. It’s easy to go, go, go each day, but setting aside time to get out and have a break has been good for all three of us.

5. Go to bed by 10:00 pm each night.

This one I am GREAT with on days the husband is home. But I just cannot get myself to go to bed when I’m home alone. I stay up too late reading or watching Netflix, and then regret it the next morning when my sweet child decides to start her day before 6:00 am. This is something I am continuing to work on, in an effort to get more rest, be able to wake up fully ready for the day at 6:00 am, and set a habit in the evening of winding down from the day.

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Genuine Focus

I’ve been working on being more intentional with the fringe time that I have. In using the little 15-20 minute gaps to do something that helps me to make progress on my goals instead of wasting the time feeling like I don’t have enough space to make progress right then. And especially with an almost one year old toddling around getting into everything, the spaces of time I have in my day to be productive have to happen in small bursts or they won’t happen at all. I’ve been in a routine of only working on days I have childcare to keep things simpler, but I know I won’t always have full days to get things done later on this year. So taking something that seems big, like creating new content, and working on creatively using my brain AND producing good work each and every day is a challenge I already am realizing I can tackle.

February Goals:

  • Create something (content) every day.
  • Connect and network online every day.
  • Create 2 new client resources.
  • Update Caroline’s baby book.
  • Practice Pilates every weekday.


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