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Week 1 of training on the thrive diet complete! It is amazing how quickly cravings disappear and energy increases. I have no desire for sugar or coffee or even an occasional glass of wine. Not only is my speed increasing with race training, but any post-run soreness doesn’t last long. My muscles are recovering faster and are getting stronger. And I also lost 5 lbs, which makes sense with all the carbs and coffee we ate on vacation!

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As strange as some of the recipes seemed at a glance, everything is surprisingly good. I am starting to get some new recipe ideas from the food combinations I’ve been eating. The only thing I really cannot handle is the heat. I do not know how people can handle cayenne in smoothies and juices. Way to much for me. Ginger, though, I’ve been able to handle, even though I have had issues with it in the past.

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The main thing I realized about this diet is that is essentially a Paleo diet with a different protein source. The foods I buy for the husband’s meals and mine are identical minus the meats and eggs. Both are low carb and high fat and protein. I’ve been putting my meals into myfitnesspal to see what the macro-nutrient breakdowns are and realized I am eating a LOT of fat every day. Mainly from whole foods – nuts and seeds – but also from hemp and coconut oils. It feels a little backwards, and I’m still a little wary about the oils, but so far my body is responding well. We’ll see how things change from week to week.

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This is definitely not a diet for newbie vegetarians or vegans, but I think this is the perfect time for me to do this. I was ready to detox the sugar, the alcohol, the caffeine. I finally have free time to put into chopping and prepping and cooking everything. It is a fairly time-consuming menu, especially if you don’t have a plan for prep each week. I’ve been a little over-excited about cooking and eating each day. Since food and being in the kitchen is a source of joy for me, its been fun for me to put the energy and time in to.

2013-08-02 12.42.37Looking forward to week #2!

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