Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the years, I’ve gone from all-out must-make-all-the-things to a now very streamlined, simple menu full of our favorite things. Considering half our day is taken up with annual Turkey Trot festivities, getting everything cooked and ready for a decent dinner time can be challenging without a plan. If you find yourself stressed today, or are trying to avoid being crazed in the kitchen, remember these tips.


1. Let people help. Whether they actually plan on helping or not, most people who come over for a Thanksgiving meal will at least offer to help. Put them to work! The more hands, the better, so long as everyone fits in the kitchen without a mess!

2. Start with appetizers. Make some snacks ahead of time to keep the hunger monsters at bay. Less “when’s dinner ready?” when there’s already food available. And no rush if there’s no more room in the oven.

3. Remember what it’s really about. Take note of all the things we are thankful for. People to spend time with, argue with, laugh with. Food to fill our bellies. Freedom to get to celebrate together. Burnt pie and cold potatoes are not the end of the world.


For anyone stuck on last-minute ideas, check out these past menus:


And some new Thanksgiving favorites:



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  • Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you’re enjoying it and it’s all going smoothly!

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