Here We Go Again

standard July 8, 2014 3 responses

So thankful the past two weeks are successfully over! The largest event of the year for work plus a move at the same time is exhausting. I should be used to that combination, considering this is year 5 of doing both together, but it still wears me out.


Marine Corps Marathon training started yesterday. My first run outside in the TX summer heat in over a year. I was NOT prepared. Running outside after 8:00 AM here is definitely a bad idea. I am easily going to get strong and tan fast though. Running with water, phone, keys is so much more weight than when I could just jog down to the lakefront every morning. And sunscreen is probably a good idea. One hour outside and I already had a runner’s tan. This morning the husband asked me if I had jumped in a pool. I blame the “hill” workout I had just finished. Every day here is a hill workout, so specified hill days seem pointless.

I was trying to remember how I forgot all this stuff, and then I realized I chickened out during my first marathon training and did most of my runs on my apartment treadmill. Even 20 milers. No excuses for not getting outside now. It’s either outside or nothing. Praying I even make it to race day. If I do, I know I’ll be in for a strong race after preparation like this.


This week also marks round 2 of following the Thrive Diet. It worked so well for me during Goofy training, that I wanted to not only do it again, but modify the meal plan to last me all 16 weeks of training. Considering the meals are a bit unconventional and repetitive, I built a modified week in every month. Recipes are similar to the plan and use same ingredients, but are different enough that I can get through all 16 weeks without getting sick and tired of beans and lettuce and making everything from scratch.

Surprisingly, making 2 meals every night for the husband and I has been enjoyable so far. Maybe it’s having more space. Maybe it’s knowing the husband and I are both home for at least 2 more weeks. I thought having both of us home would drive me crazy with meals, but I enjoy the preparation and organization way too much. And it’s only a few days each week; by Thursday we both pretty much eat leftovers through the weekend. But right now, it’s happily more pleasant than I anticipated.



So thankful for a yoga day tomorrow. Going up and down stairs all day after these hills is doing me in. It’s only going to make me stronger, right? 🙂

3 responses

  • Melissa Ray

    Are you in ATX again?? Where are you practicing yoga?! xo

  • Melissa Ray

    Practice yoga austin is donation based but they have some incredible instructors! BFree is good too! Try wanderlust as well. (;

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