Hilly Rewards

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Last week was a little quiet thanks to lots of evening test drives and research, but we finally bought a car! It’s been nice to no longer be stuck in my house all day every day.


1. It’s August! Which means one month into Marine Corps Marathon training, and things are looking up. Getting out of bed before the sun is hard. Walking up and down stairs all day is even harder (thanks to endless hills). But each morning’s run is getting stronger. And dare I say, easier. I completely blame my diet. And the hills. It is shocking how much energy I can find during a run when the hour before and the hours after are so draining. The heat takes everything out of me.


2. In addition to the benefits of the Thrive diet, I’ve been pretty routine in my use of Vega Sport products to get me going, keep me hydrated, and replenish my body afterward. Not to be a walking advertisement, but this stuff seriously works. I generally do not buy anything packaged or processed (even if it’s full of natural ingredients), and this is my one exception. It’s just that effective. And a lifesaver in this Texas humidity.


3. T minus three weeks to SeaWheeze! I haven’t been doing a lot of speedwork lately, since the first month of MCM training was mostly easy runs and hills. Still hoping to push out a sub-2:00 half, assuming the weather will cooperate. I know I’ve got it in me if all the uncontrollable variables fall into place. Fingers crossed…


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