March: Injury Proof

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Sticking to my monthly Runner’s World athletic goals, March was supposed to be focused on strength training. I had every intention of doing this, as part of my race training goals is to incorporate a scheduled amount of cross training into my weekly routine. But halfway through the month when I was getting frustrated at not getting a lot of these workouts in, I looked at my calendar and realized that I was barely going to be home, so sticking to a routine was pretty much impossible. Yes, I can still fit strength training and yoga into my travel routine, but with the amount of time I was gone and the number of time zones I managed to change, just getting a run in started to get challenging. So I gave myself a pass. I had to convince myself that sometimes, it is OK to rest. To not meet a goal. My schedule is so incredible wacky this time of year, I am usually impressed if I can maintain any sort of stability, let alone a normal routine.


This morning I managed a 5:00 AM 6 mile tempo, despite traveling through two time zones and staying up way to late. Felt really good that I felt strong and got it done. Refueled with an electrolyte and protein packed breakfast and kicked off a long day of work. Fingers crossed I can keep it up this week! First Spring race is coming up on Sunday…



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