Just as Fast as You Can

standard December 9, 2012 4 responses

Finished the ARC Decker Challenge this morning; slow, sore, and thankful.

Last night, I was terrified. Terrified of the hills, terrified of the weather, terrified I wasn’t going to be able to do it. Most of all, terrified of how I would feel if I didn’t meet my goal. And today, I didn’t make my goal. And I am okay with that. I set an adventurous goal back in January before I even had a race picked out. And then, of all races, I had to sign up for the hilliest one possible. And of all days, its 75 and humid in Texas today.  I still lined up right between the 2:10 and 2:20 pacers, thinking if I kept my sights on the faster group, I’d be fine. I pushed my legs as fast as they could go, up and down, over and over. By mile 9 I knew it was going to be close. By mile 10, the 2:20 pace leader was right behind me, and my goal became to stay as far in front of her as possible. And I did it. And I am proud of myself. 3 minutes past my goal time is still 10 minutes faster than my first half. Which wasn’t even 13.1 because of an impending hail storm. So today is technically my first 13.1 mile distance race. 13.1 miles across dead grass and around a power plant, one leg in front of the other, thankful to be able to move my legs and finish a race.

2012-12-09 10.24.50-2

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